In a press conference today, Dove World Outreach pastor Terry Jones revealed that he got a phone call from a Green Beret who had served in “Yugoslavia.” Here is what the soldier told him, as related by Jones in this MSNBC video:

Just yesterday we got a phone call from a retired Special Force Green Beret, Delta Force. It was his opinion that the people that are on the field, the special forces, he told us, are 100% behind us. He said he has seen — he was there in Yugoslavia when the radical Moslems, and that is the element we are aiming at, that is the element that we want for them to back down — said he was there in Yugoslavia when they burnt down 150 churches. He said he was there as a three-story building that was a hospital, a three-story building full with Christians was burnt to the ground. And they were allowed to do nothing, because of international pressure. Because of policies, they were allowed to do nothing. Our military, our military men who are trained to rescue lives, to save lives, to protect our country, stood in front of a three-story hospital filled with Christians and watched it burn to the ground, watched those people scream for their life. And because of our policies, whatever they may be called, because of our polices we were not allowed to do anything.

Our burning of the Koran is to call the attention that something is wrong. Something is wrong. It is possibly time for us in a new way to actually stand up [and] confront terrorism. There is something very much wrong with our policies when we stand there and we watch a building full of people die because our so-called policies do not allow us to do anything. So as of right now we are not convinced that backing down is the right thing. So on September the 11th we shall continue with our planned event.

So for the pastor’s explanation of the importance of the Koran-burning event, he employed the example of…Kosovo. Specifically, the ‘non-Muslimy’ Muslims of Kosovo, known as Albanians. Our great friends and allies — as long as we don’t interfere with their killing of Christians and burning of churches.

What his speech also reveals is that, as some of us suspected, there is a whole load of military folks who have been keeping mum and/or biting their tongues about what they were witness to, and party to, in Kosovo (as in Bosnia) — and just what kinds of orders they had to follow from the Command.

It also shows that our military people seem to understand something that our leaderships are in aggressive denial about, and have been lying to us about: Albanians are Muslims. More accurately, Muslim behavior and Albanian-Muslim behavior are often indistinguishable.

It is very apropos that Jones used Kosovo to make his point. Because, as I’ve been screaming from the rooftops, the malaise has gone from there to here. We thought we were only subjugating those Christians, those peasant types, to Islam. But by doing so we’ve helped subjugate ourselves. Because, as I’ve also been saying, Kosovo was the nexus. It was the official beginning of the end. The beginning of the demise of Western civilization, by our own hand.

Separately, the pastor makes another important point when he says, “It is possibly time for us in a new way to actually stand up [and] confront terrorism.”

What he’s saying is that it is not just the responsibility of men and women in uniform to preserve our liberties. WE ALL HAVE TO STICK OUR NECKS OUT. We will all have to risk our lives at one point or another, in order for our lives to still mean anything. This is not just our soldiers’ war. It is OUR war. It will be fought differently from anything ever before, and every one of us will be called upon to fight.

Is Pastor Jones an extremist, as he’s being called in circles that range from the mainstream to, more surprisingly, anti-jihad quarters? Perhaps he is. But have we forgotten? Have we forgotten that “extremism in the name of liberty is no vice?” Why is there so much more tolerance of extremism in the name of tyranny than in the name of liberty? Why is tyranny more politically correct than liberty?

Relatedly, a pathetic Yahoo! News write-up mentioned the following:

Quran burning flap a distraction from Obama agenda

Obama was asked in the interview if he felt angry or helpless at having to deal with the fallout from the potential actions of the pastor of one tiny church.

“Well, it is frustrating,” he allowed, adding that the law didn’t offer much recourse.

Did anyone else notice that it sounds like the president yearns for a “recourse” against the First Amendment?

When Communism was the big threat, Americans knew they had the support of their presidents against it. In particular, Ronald Reagan unequivocally called the Soviet Union “Evil Empire.” So when a far bigger threat comes along and Americans are left without leaders to call a spade a spade — leaders who instead do all they can to not define the enemy — people feel forced into taking matters into their own hands as best they know how, and turn to things like Koran-burning exercises to show the free world what it’s up against.

Please note that this is not the first test of our rights and freedoms that Pastor Jones has engaged in. Last year it was his church that erected a sign reading “Islam is of the Devil.”