In this seemingly harmless Economist article from last week, we casually learn that the most popular candidate in Kosovo is Albin Kurti, leader of the extremist movement (as even mainstream publications describe it), “Self Determination,” which among other things was the group responsible for turning some 2007 Kosovo independence protests violent.

Reasons to believe (Sep 16)

VETON SURROI is the best foreign minister Kosovo never had. He may yet get the job. The former editor of Koha Ditore, a newspaper, he now fills his time overseeing Kosovo’s Foreign Policy Club, a think tank-cum-discussion forum. Last night he gave a talk at Chatham House in London on the future of Kosovo and the wider region. When Mr Surroi speaks, Balkan-watchers listen.

The electoral calendar may present further difficulties. Kosovo will hold elections, probably in a year, and Serbia must hold a presidential elections by the spring of 2012. With this in mind, says Mr Surroi, speed is of the essence. He points out that polls show that Kosovo’s most popular politician is Albin Kurti, who opposes talks with Serbia. […]