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A few weeks ago, under a posting on titled “Bosnia: Muslims ‘wanted to draw NATO into war,’” one comment in particular caught my attention. Posted by “ethoman,” with emphasis added:

ethoman | October 11, 2010 2:29 PM

There is a lot that can be learned by understanding the recent history of Bosnia. I looked at the break-up of Yugoslavia a few years ago…First of all, Alija Izetbegovic was arrested and imprisoned for publishing his “Islamic Declaration”. In this work you can see Mr. Izetbegovic was inspired by the writings of Sayyid Qutb, the modern day father of what many would term “radical” Islam. I have read much of what both men have added to this potent ideological soup. It is said by some that Bosnian Muslims can serve as a link between east and west due to their European culture. At first that may seem like a good thing, but upon review one will draw different conclusions.

Izetbegovic desired a move toward the west due to his incarceration at the hands of Tito for his writings, he desired the political tolerance, and ignorance of the west in regards to his over all agenda, to serve as a means to spread his ideology, not because he shared our sense of social structures, tendency to allow any ideology free [rein]. If you couple this with the fact that western governments simply wanted to spread political and economic influence into the region, and were willing to accept whatever platitudes which were offered by Izetbegovic to allay western concerns over his writings, you will understand how easily swayed western leaders were, and still are by people of Izetbegovic’s ilk.

Now on to the relevant points for us, what did Izetbegovic believe. He wanted Islamic Sharia for all of his nation, he sought western tolerance/ignorance to help him in his cause. It was a Bosnian Muslim whom created the playbook which folks like Imam Rauf, and other westernized Islamosupremacists operate under. This notion of creating parallel societies within our borders, demographic conquest, the use of democratic/legal means to destroy the fabric of our societies from within. These are all the ideological spoils of a European, a Bosnian Muslim. It is no boon to us that Izetbegovic understood the inner workings of western culture, he simply used his knowledge to further his own agenda, which is directly at odds with pretty much everything we stand for. He wanted an Islamic social structure where non-Muslims would be denied full citizenship, this is in his writings. He wanted a theocracy much like Iran etc. Most Bosnian Muslims will tell you that he was fighting for Bosnian unity, which is only half of the full answer, and is therefore a lie.

Bosnia is now playing out on a much larger scale in almost every western nation on earth. It is hard to read the tea leaves as it were, but if you look at what [Bosnia’s Serb Republic president] Milorad Dodik has been saying about the political make-up of Bosnia, which is that it can only be realized through a very loose republic. Look at the Philippines, the Muslims there insist that they can only live under a very loose republic as well. You can see these schisms cropping up all over the world, from Thailand, to Nigeria, to the Sudan, to the Caucuses [sic], to Indonesia and beyond. It is more important for us to realize the connection and understand our mistakes than it is to dwell upon the past.

The first thing we need to do is adjust our immigration policies away from a lottery system, to a system that recognizes religion and nations of origin. We need to realize that our ideas around multiculturalism and Islamic populations are wrong and have very little historical precedent to back them up. Be tolerant of Muslims that live here, but do not allow them to create a parallel society with the use of our legal systems, or our democratic values. Otherwise it is only a matter of time before these schisms, which are already brewing, will blow up in our faces. We also need to support nations like Republika Srpska, and Serbia as a link between Russia and the west, rather than allying with those we have been allying with in the name of avarice, and short-term political gains. If we don’t wake up and realize the significance of our mistakes, we will in time come to realize our own destruction through them. It starts with education of the American and western public, then up through our government.

Ethoman adds the following point in a comment further down:

Muslims should not elect leaders [who] threaten to force their non-Muslim subjects to live under Sharia (especially if they can defend themselves), it is a great motivator for us non-Muslims to react violently.

Nebojsa Malic emailed this morning with the following encapsulation of the above:

The “Islamic Declaration” can and should be compared to Marx’s “Communist Manifesto”, a pamphlet that not only defines the objectives of “Islamic revival” (i.e. return to the basics, or fundamentalism) but also lays out the strategy and tactics of waging jihad wherever there are Muslims. The world’s Muslims are normally a fractious lot, so it is important to note that Izetbegovic was honored from Morocco to Malaysia, and by any and all “flavors” of Islam in between. Nobody else on the planet is thought of as highly in Rabat, Ankara, Cairo, Riyadh, Tehran, Islamabad and Jakarta alike. Also note that the awards and recognitions he received were for contributions to Islam as such, rather than some supposed heroism in the Bosnian War. Though one could argue that getting the “Great Satan” to fight his jihad for him is no small feat.

Separately, after I blogged Israeli professor Mordechai Nisan’s article demonstrating how the United States for the past 30 years has consistently supported Muslims in their wars against Christians, it was linked by yesterday, and I found the following comment by “Bokababe” to be poignant. She was responding to another comment poster who wrote, “This is very important stuff (though the Greeks and Armenians have been far from pro-American in the past)…”

I was in Greece ten years ago, and I think that most Americans misunderstand Greeks.

Greece was the country that fought the Nazis and communists longer and harder than any other country in Europe — only to get sold out by the US to their lifelong enemies, the Turks, not 20 years later. Greeks love the idea and ideals of America, but not what the American government has become and has done to them — and I don’t blame them. Greeks are a tough independent people who don’t suffer fools lightly. When the 1999 NATO bombing started, Greeks took to the streets in protest. Then Madeline Albright, who knew that the Greek economy was almost solely dependent on tourism, threatened Greece with a State Dept Travel Warning to make them shut up. It worked, but the Greeks retaliated in their own way — they turned around all the signs that led North toward Albania and Kosovo, back toward Athens to screw up the NATO visitors.

The difference between Greeks and Muslims, is when Greeks (or Serbs) don’t like you they don’t mass murder American civilians. Unfortunately, in the current atmosphere of American politics, that does not work in their favor.