In commenting to The Daily Caller news site about NPR firing Juan Williams for saying he gets worried when he sees Muslims on the plane, the man who helped spread terror through the Balkans really put his finger on what I’ve been trying to say about the seemingly counterintuitive, more pronounced, in-your-face Muslimness that’s been spreading since 9/11:

“Mr. Williams is basically an opinion journalist and he offered an opinion based on an undeniable reality: American Muslims have so far failed in our duty to prevent negative perceptions among our non-Muslim neighbors, and many, unfortunately, have taken the existing concerns among non-Muslims as a challenge to assert Muslim identity more aggressively, through forms of dress as well as speech that are often extravagant and excessive,” Schwartz wrote in an e-mail to TheDC.

He’s saying, correctly, that Muslims are brats.

The irony, of course, is that Suleyman Schwartz himself converted to Islam as a fad. When Communism was the threat, he became the infamous “Comrade Sandalio,” buying a commie-era uniform, learning Spanish, being an atheist, and becoming a self-styled spokesman. When the threat of Communism gave way to the threat of Islam, again he changed his name, learned the language, converted to the religion, bought the costume and became a spokesman.

Amazing how much damage a brat can do, isn’t it, Suli?