In making cuts to my already too-long exposé about the friend of terrorists, Republican Senate candidate Joe DioGuardi who on Tuesday deservedly lost 37% to 61%, one of the items that was cut appears below.

In addition to his other separatist, supremacist activities against the various regions of the former Yugoslavia, which I described in my piece this week, DioGuardi had been agitating on behalf of Albanian separatism in Macedonia since the early to mid 90s.

In 1995 the Macedonian constitution already provided for Albanian-language instruction in primary and secondary schools. As well, the government subsidized Albanian-language newspapers and TV. And in the city of Tetovo, for example, the mayor and police chief were ethnic Albanians. Nonetheless, in January 1995 an Albanian-language university opened in the city. The International Helsinki Federation of Human Rights noted at the time that “a map depicting ‘Greater Albania’ appears on the wall of the Dean’s office,” according to a 2001 analysis of the Macedonia conflict by historian Carl Savich. The Federation also found “that an academic curriculum at the school is non-existent. Instead, the university is a ‘parallel institution,’ based on the model or M.O. established in Kosovo with the University of Pristina.”

And yet, organizing rallies in New York in support of the university that February was none other than Joe DioGuardi. He was called out by then government spokesman Gjuner Ismail, who “stated that the creation of the Albanian-language university in Tetovo violated the Macedonian constitution and was politically motivated,” continued Savich, and that DioGuardi was “supporting and sponsoring Albanian separatism and secession, [which] constituted ‘a direct interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.’” (DioGuardi tried to influence the Macedonian government to allow the university, with promises of good reports to Capitol Hill.)

Here he is in 1996 protesting in support of the rebel university, caption by his Albanian-American Civic League:

“The Civic League leads several delegations to Tetova in Western Macedonia to support the Albanian university there.” (The woman on the left holding the sign is his wife and co-propagandist, Shirley Cloyes DioGuardi; she appears in several of the photos in my main piece. Meanwhile, “Tetova” must be the usurpist pronunciation of Tetovo, just as “Kosovo” is “Kosova.” The DioGuardis also use insurrectionist geographic vocabulary for Greek Epirus, calling it “Chameria”.)

During the 2001 Albanian aggression on Macedonia, former State Dept. spokesman James Rubin — who along with his wife Christiane Amanpour had been major cheerleaders, eggers-on, and propaganda craftsmen of the Kosovo war — “conceded that the Albanian minority in Macedonia had adequate minority rights,” wrote Savich. Rubin also reminded the Albanian minority that any rights they perceived to be lacking could be achieved through democratic methods rather than guerrilla warfare every time. On CNN he acknowledged that the NLA (National Liberation Army) separatists were trying to create “a sort of Greater Albania.”

Among countless other provocations, by 2007 Albanians in Macedonia were demanding to fly the Albanian flag alone on public buildings and to have the 2001 insurgents receive government benefits. (Yes, you read that correctly. They wanted to be compensated for making war on the state.) And all this was with the Democratic Party of Albanians being part of Macedonia’s ruling coalition.

But let’s go back to 1999 and Kosovo for a moment. You can still view crisp Fox News Channel videos from that year, of DioGuardi and his wife making the case for American troops on the ground in Kosovo and/or arming the KLA. There is the pair, on camera — on “Hannity & Colmes,” for example — saying that Slobodan Milosevic is the contemporary Adolf Hitler, “sweeping through Europe” and not intending to stop with “exterminating” Kosovo Albanians but to continue on to Montenegro. (For what mission, we’re not told, but we’re to assume it’s the fictional, reluctantly-disproved-by-the-Hague “Greater Serbia” objective, which the DioGuardis would frequently cite as causing the problem.)

With 11 years of hindsight since these appearances, today one sees that what happened was the opposite of everything the Dynamic DioGuardi Duo said was happening or was going to happen. It is the Albanians who are sweeping through Europe; it is the Albanians who seek a Greater Albania; it is the Albanians who were and are ethnically cleansing and exterminating; and it is the Albanians who supported the Third Reich and are pursuing Hitler-era borders, devouring his and their enemy, the Serbs, to accomplish it.

That is, the DioGuardis accused Milosevic of doing everything that their clients were in the process of doing. In the 1973 book Propaganda, author Jacques Ellul defines the propagandist’s M.O.:

Propaganda of agitation succeeds each time it designates someone as the source of all misery, provided that he is not too powerful…The propagandist will not accuse his enemy of just any misdeed; he will accuse him of the very intention that he himself has, and trying to commit the very crime that he himself is about to commit.

At least twice in one of the videos, while denying that the KLA are funded by drugs and other unsavory endeavors and associations, DioGuardi chirps, “Where are you getting that? Tanjug? Have you been reading Tanjug?”

He doesn’t get an answer from Hannity, Colmes, or their other guest, Col. David Hackworth — who most likely got their information from that day’s Washington Times, which was reporting on the KLA’s drug and terror ties — he doesn’t get an answer because they have no idea what he’s talking about, or what he’s trying to say. He is trying to attribute the accusations against the KLA to Serbian propaganda, since Tanjug was the Yugoslavian state news agency. He’s accusing the Yugoslavian government of disseminating false information about the KLA. Which is actually what the KLA was doing to the Yugoslav government.

Indeed, it’s a marvel how precisely the propagadist glove, as defined by Ellul, fits the DioGuardis and their criminal clients. Even before the end of the year that we were successfully duped by the DioGuardis, the late reporter Daniel Pearl wrote that “Ethnic-Albanian militants, humanitarian organizations, NATO and the news media fed off each other to give genocide rumors credibility. Now, a different picture is emerging.”

As for Tanjug, which so had DioGuardi’s panties in a bunch, here is a glimpse of this Yugoslavian state news organ in the 1990s, from a reader named Alex:

In 1992 I spent the summer working at [Yugoslavia’s] national press agency Tanjug, thinking that I could see what is going on firsthand, and help translate articles and send articles to the American-Serbian paper. Julia, I was stumped by all of the Croats, Moslems, Slovenes, you name it, working at Tanjug — about half of the work force (for all the hype about Serbs being anti-Moslem and anti-Catholic). It was a huge fifth column in the heart of Belgrade while the Serbs were being slandered as the butchers of the Balkans. I figured that there was no way the Serbs could win the PR war with that attitude.

The reports in The States were that the Moslems were being slaughtered left and right by the Serbs, but there they were, free and earning a paycheck and eating popcorn and flaunting their political views and enjoying their lives in the center of Serbia, with the Serbs not wanting to let them go because they prided themselves on their multi-culturalism, and thought it would be unfair for the non-Serbs to lose their income and pensions!

Don’t you think the Serbs would have put people friendly to them in their national press agency during the worst propaganda campaign against Belgrade and the Serbs?

This isn’t to say that the news agency wasn’t also capable of disseminating false information. After all, if the United States government could successfully convince its public in 1991 that Saddam Hussein’s troops were tossing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators to die on the cold floor, then certainly a communist government was capable of false propaganda as well. However, most of the news coverage I’ve gotten over the years from Tanjug (usually made available via the BBC Monitoring service) has checked out, either against other sources, or after time has borne the case out. Just this month saw another example, thanks to Andy Wilcoxson’s monitoring of the Karadzic trial. He cites the prosecution’s protected witness KDZ185 on the subject of how Serbs were trying to relieve the humanitarian crisis in Sarajevo while the Bosnian Muslims were doing everything to exacerbate it:

The witness confirmed the accuracy of a Tanjug News report (exhibit D352) that said on March 5, 1993 the Muslims attacked a humanitarian aid convoy that had been organized by the Serbian Orthodox church, and that the aid on the convoy was intended for the residents of Sarajevo regardless of their ethnicity.

But back to DioGuardi. A final point: Some of the same people who had DioGuardi on Fox News to let him make the case for his war (and who didn’t buy his case), had him on again last week to promote his candidacy for Senate. It goes without saying that they — and by ‘they’ I mean Sean Hannity — never made DioGuardi answer for the fact that everything he told viewers 11 years earlier had been a lie, that the opposite was true — including everything he denied about the KLA — and that we’re much worse off for it. Eleven years of hindsight about the true aggressors in that conflict, 11 years of revelations about the Albanian agenda and the Albanian danger to this country, and no questions were asked. Not on Hannity’s show, not on “Fox ‘n Friends,” where this charlatan also appeared, and not on “Morning Joe” with Joe Scarborough on MSNBC. Instead, DioGuardi was presented as a fit candidate for Senate.

Self-immolation. That’s what Hebrew University professor Rafael Israeli called what DioGuardi had us do in Kosovo. From a March 1999 op-ed in The Jerusalem Post:

If this new form of international piracy is allowed to continue, more foci of unrest will arise at the heart of the West. Instead of focusing the struggle against the the rising threat of fundamentalist Islam (in which the Serbs have stood in the forefront, first in Bosnia and now in Kosovo), the West will make a grave error if it weakened itself in this exercise of self-immolation that is hard to understand, much less to condone.

The lawmakers who pushed for this and for facilitating subsequent Albanian misadventures, the lawmakers whom my piece listed as having been, essentially, bought by the DioGuadi mafia, sold off American security when they sold off themselves. The earliest Albanian purchase — after DioGuardi himself — was of course Bob Dole. There was a quote about Dole by Benjamin Works — the military affairs analyst who had written the article “Buying an Intervention: Kosovo and Albanian PAC Money in Congress” — which I wasn’t able to include in the DioGuardi article. So I’ll end with it below:

[A]ll along it has been the ethnic nationalist fascist losers of World War II in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo who have been exploiting the political process in Germany and the United States. Their goal has been to effect the division of Yugoslavia and the cleansing of Serbian populations from their territories, while purporting that “Greater Serbia” was the menace to European security and not the post-fascist “Greater Croatia” and “Greater Albania.”

Mr. Dole incessantly “waves the bloody shirt” with the wound he received under honorable conditions during his brief combat service with the 10th Mountain Division in northern Italy. But, since at least the mid-1980s (and likely back to his 1976 Presidential campaign), Mr. Dole has been in league with the fascist enemies of the US and their children in abetting the erection of a neo-fascist state in Croatia and a state headed by an identified Nazi youth leader, Alija Izetbegovic, in Bosnia. Dole has also attempted to steal Kosovo for the heirs of the Albanians who served in the SS Skanderbeg Mountain Division. In this scheming, Mr. Dole has betrayed his own military service and broken faith with all American and Allied veterans of World War II. It was not for this easy campaign money and twisted policy that my father and uncles fought the Germans and Japanese.