Hmm. It’s all quiet on the anti-Israel front, at least from the Buchananite Right. Haven’t heard much from columnist Bob Novak in the past couple weeks. Pat Buchanan has also been MIA during WWIII. Could it be that as history unfolds it shows us that Jew-hating doesn’t make for coherent political analysis?

In his last column on the subject, Novak found and promoted the one priest nutty enough to object to the recent House resolution that blamed the Palestinian Authority for Christian decline in the region, instead blaming the Jews for Muslim persecution of Christians.

To these two geniuses, I’d like to dedicate the first two stanzas of the People’s Cube rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine”:

Imagine there’s no Israel
It’s easy if you try
No Jews around us
Why can’t they all just die
Imagine all the Hebrews
Pushed into the sea…

You may say I’m a schemer
But I’m for progress of mankind
Life could be so much simpler
If some people would just die.