Recall this blog and see the same thing happening in the West Bank:

Israel: UNESCO West Bank decision ‘absurd’
By IAN DEITCH, AP, October 29, 2010; 12:10

JERUSALEM — A decision by the U.N. body in charge of preserving historical sites to define West Bank shrines sacred to both Jews and Muslims as Palestinian is “absurd,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Friday.

One of the sites, in the city of Hebron, has been a flashpoint for decades. Jews call it the Cave of the Patriarchs, where the Bible says the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were buried along with three of their wives.

Muslims call it the al-Ibrahimi mosque, reflecting the fact that Abraham is considered the father of both Judaism and Islam.

Netanyahu issued a statement condemning the UNESCO decision which was made last week. “The attempt to detach the people of Israel from its heritage is absurd,” the statement said. “If the places where the fathers and mothers of the Jewish nation are buried, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Leah and Rachel some 4,000 years ago are not part of the Jewish heritage then what is?”

Hebron is a West Bank flashpoint because it is the only place where Jews live among Palestinians. About 500 Israeli settlers, some of them extremists, live in enclaves near the disputed holy site, guarded by Israeli soldiers who control part of the city of about 170,000 Palestinians.

Earlier this year Israel registered the Hebron shrine as well as a tomb near Jerusalem, believed to be the burial site of the Matriarch Rachel, as national heritage sites.

Both shrines are located in the West Bank, territory the Palestinians want as part of their future state. Palestinians view the additions of the shrines to Israel’s heritage list as a land grab.

“It is regrettable that the organization established to promote historical heritage sites worldwide is trying for political reasons to detach the ties between the Jewish people and their heritage,” Netanyahu’s statement said.

“The state of Israel in contrast to its neighbors will continue to preserve freedom of religion at these sites and preserve them for future generations,” he said.

Here I must point out one way that, for now, Islam serves the interests of the New World Order and one-worldism that the elites are trying to establish. As I’ve written before, Muslims come in to an area and make the indigenous population forget it was ever there; they strip places of their histories and declare them and everything created there, theirs. It’s a mass identity theft, and this is precisely what the one-worlders seek to achieve, since it will mean fewer objections to their designs. This is why you always see the internationals in cohoots with Muslims when it comes to stripping, for example, Israel or Serbia of its history. Further, the New World Order is about creating maleable, controllable populations, and we’re already becoming more docile thanks to Muslims — changing the way we talk and even think and ceding our free-speech voluntarily and preemptively so as not to have the ‘bigot’ finger pointed at us. So in addition to helping the NWO with taking away your history and identity, Islam is useful for the one-worlders by making you not want to speak out; anything that can make the populace feel cowed and subdued means less resistance to other machinations that are in store.

We see a similar phenomenon playing out in the fight over the Serbian Orthodox Church. In his defense of the illegitimately deposed bishop of Serbia, who was too stubborn about Kosovo for the powers seeking to give it away, Jim Jatras wrote an open later reading in part:

…[T]he uncanonical and invalid attempt to discredit and remove Vladika Artemije – which any simpleton can see has, literally, nothing to do with allegations of supposed misconduct and everything to do with trying to eliminate a pillar of the Orthodox Church and the Serbian nation – continues unabated and indeed is intensifying…[T]his attempt is politically motivated and includes collaborators both inside and outside the Church…[I]ts aim is further to demoralize the Serbian Orthodox Church as the last bastion of the national spirit uncorrupted by the ill wind blowing from Washington and Brussels and to remove the most important impediment to the West’s contemplated “final solution” to Kosovo and Metohija.

It’s worth noting, as Theodoros Karakostas — founder of the Byzantine Cultural Project — did in his March 2008 letter to the Amercan Embassy in Athens, that Serbian churches and monasteries which survived centuries of occupation by the Ottomans, occupation by the Nazis, and decades of Communist rule did not survive under occupation by NATO and the UN. And their demise took place at the hands of the two scourges working together as usual: Islam and the internationals.

All this could go some way to explain the relentless pushing of multi-culturalism by the forces of “democracy” that the West spreads. Multi-culturalism, which is beyond tolerance, helps national identity perish. Without borders or identities, one can more easily create a hodgepodge of rootless, decontextualized humanoids that are ripe for subjugation.

Given that everything described here is essentially the Soros vision for the world, consider the fact that he was brought up in a Jewish household where the official language was Esperanto.