Well, that WAS the case until two days ago. As I was about to post this blog showing an ‘interesting’ CIA map of Kosovo and Serbia, I noticed that the ‘interesting’ map had been magically fixed this week. Fortunately, I saved the original image, so this blog will proceed as I’d planned, since the significance of the conspicuous “error” having been there in the first place is not diminished by the sudden fix.


After running my recent blog — “Ominous Signs in Kosovo: Architect of 1999 Staged Atrocity Finally Admits ‘I Support Greater Albania’ — I heard from reader/source “Serbstvo.” He had an adjustment for my statement that “William Walker is an insider. He knows what the elite decision-makers are up to. This is all but an official confirmation that the U.S. does indeed plan to support the full Albanian agenda to continue redrawing Balkan borders.”

The adjustment:

In case you don’t know, the U.S. has already redrawn Balkan borders once again, as of a couple of weeks ago. [In addition to] the Greater Albania gathering in Tirana, which Albanians so graciously renamed “Natural Albania” [and] which was also of course attended by Serbia’s Presevo Albanians, is a CIA.gov map of Serbia with altered borders [in] the World Factbook.

Not only is Serbia shown without Kosovo, but Presevo, Bujanovac, Prokuplje and Vranje are now part of a newly expanded Kosovo. With this, what border Serbia has with Macedonia to the east of Kosovo is now cut off. Even though Serbia is only missing Kosovo on the Serbia factpage, the altered borders are visible on the map of Europe where the Balkan countries are much smaller and the border change is not blaringly obvious.

Indeed, compare the more visible Serbia map on the factpage

to the map on the left (as it appeared until two days ago) —

Notice that the outline of Kosovo (under the brown image of Serbia) has spilled to the right, and Serbia no longer touches Macedonia. (See under Kosovo).

“This subtlety tells us that the Natural Albania meeting was not some random silly event by Albanians, but that they were given the green light by Washington for it,” Serbstvo continues.

So the CIA is already functioning from the premise of a Greater Albania, or at least a Greater Kosovo.

Further to my recent blog on Israel and Serbia alike being stripped of their identities by the “international community” in conjunction with Muslims — with border changes and land thefts being an integral part of that trend — Serbstvo adds, “You see, in Serbia you are called a fascist if you’re proud to be Serbian, if you disagree with the idea that Serbs were aggressors in the 1990s civil wars [and] if you consider Dragoljub Mihailovic a hero instead of Croat Communist mass-murderer Josip Broz Tito and his Partisan bandits….What’s perfectly normal and healthy in other countries in Serbia is considered a crime.”

This is all underway here in America too. It is not unrelated that the word “terrorist” is being redefined to include the following “persons of interest” to be watched: returning war veterans; people with religious bumper stickers; those “concerned about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, abortion, restrictions on firearms…and the loss of U.S. sovereignty.”

That is to say, Republicans and patriots are formally being classified as threats to national security. Basically, those who want to preserve the American identity are being categorized as “right-wing extremists.” And think about the fact that those who are actually doing something to protect the borders — Arizona citizens, for example — are being called “radical.”

One can only wonder where the secret CIA maps of our borders are hidden.

And that’s the point: What Americans still don’t realize is that the Balkans is relevant to them not just for the precedents it sets, not just for the ill winds that blow there first, not just for the negative elements that find their way from there to here, but because the Balkans has always been the “Great Powers’” experimenting grounds for the rest of the world. As everything that has been done to the people of the Balkans continues being done to us, it will not just be a matter of precedent or cause-and-effect, but a direct and purposeful export job; that’s the purpose the Balkans region has served for the totalitarian ‘democracy’ we are all in for.