This is from October, but note which side it is that the EU High Rep has harsh words for as part of her “mediation” efforts: Israel, not Palestinians.

And which side was it that Hillary Clinton was traveling to Serbia to cajole over the Palestinians’ counterparts in the Balkans? Serbia, of course, and not the perpetually misbehaving “Kosovars.” (During her trip she made sure that the only thing on the table between Belgrade and Pristina would be the ironing out the logistics of separate coexistence, and not the “separate” part of that question.)

This, of course, is all just in case any Israel hawks still need any convincing that they should be giving a damn about what happens with Kosovo.

Ashton, Clinton plan separate Mideast, Balkan trips

Europolitics | By Brian Beary in Washington | Thursday 30 September 2010

In a coordinated drive to promote a settlement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the Serb-Kosovar dispute, the EU and US’ top diplomats have announced that they will travel to both regions in the coming days. Speaking at a joint press conference in Washington DC, on 29 September, EU High Representative Catherine Ashton said she would travel to the Middle East, from 30 September to 2 October, “to see what we can do to keep the talks moving”. Standing next to her, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she would go to Serbia and Kosovo “in about ten days”. The EU and US’ role in the Serb-Kosovar dispute, Clinton said, was to “assist and facilitate, to support and cajole”.

On the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Ashton criticised Israel for allowing to end, three days previously, its freeze on constructing settlements in the Palestinian West Bank. “More than anything, we would like to see of course a moratorium on the settlement building,” she said. Despite the resumption of construction, however, she said she was “very keen” that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas stay in the talks. Secretary Clinton declined to comment specifically on the Israeli settlements, saying only that the US supported a two-state solution and would push both sides to return to negotiations. During her Middle East trip, Ashton will meet Abbas, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Special Envoy George Mitchell.

The Ashton-Clinton press conference at the State Department followed a one-hour meeting between the two, which focused on the Middle East, the Balkans, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. On Serbia-Kosovo, Clinton said she would meet both leaders and citizens during her Belgrade and Pristina trips and stressed her support for fully integrating both Serbia and Kosovo into the EU. “It is important to keep the goal of that future in the minds of Serbs and Kosovars,” she said. […]

At least Western policy in these two regions is stupid enough that a pair of bimbos like this can help implement it.