I’ll be honest. When I first saw a picture of Bosnian-Muslim war criminal Naser Oric, I noticed he was kind of sexy. In a gay sort of way.

I didn’t think anything more about it, aside from the fact that he was Muslim, and Islam is misogynistic, and misogyny engenders homosexuality, which is why a disproportionate number of Muslim men are gay, as we know. And so his being gay wouldn’t be all that remarkable except that Balkan Muslims weren’t supposed to be “like that.”

Well it turns out that he’s so “like that,” that he risks a wall-crushing if he ever decides to tour some of the more “like that” countries whose jihad he helped advance.

I still can’t quite believe that I really just read what I read here, but this item was posted by the proprietor of the notorious Srebrenica Genocide Blog. And if he thinks this item is flattering to his war criminal hero, then the proprietor is gay too. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Unless you’re living in a fast-Islamisizing country, of course.


A lighter side of Naser Oric: In 2007, former commander in charge of defending the enclave of Srebrenica was voted the sexiest man alive in Bosnia-Herzegovina by AZRA Magazine.

Former military officer of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ARBiH) who commanded the defense of the enclave of Srebrenica - which was surrounded by notorious Serb forces led by Gen. Ratko Mladic during the 1992-1995 war - is one of people who are actively involved in sports, owing to his youthful look.

In his 40s, Naser Oric tells us that his usual style of fashion involves sports apparel, but on festive occasions he doesn’t mind wearing a suit. He buys most of his wardrobe in our country, but sometimes he goes shopping abroad.

World renowned Bosnian fashion designer “GRANOFF” is Naser’s favorite brand for suits. With shirts, he always buys a sophisticated tie.

He is not a stranger to popular cosmetics:

“I love high-quality cosmetics, and in this area I choose brands labeled ‘Vichy‘, and on the shelf with perfumes I usually reach for the brands labeled ‘Dolce & Gabbana,’” said Naser Oric, adding that he likes to choose the scent himself and that he visits only one cosmetic salon.

On a dinner table, Naser Oric pays attention to his diet: he maintains body weight by [avoiding] sweets. He cares about healthy diet and drinks plenty of water.

Naser gets plenty of compliments and says there is really not many people who don’t appreciate receiving them:

“Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I thank people for their compliments, depending on the situation.”

As hairstyle is one of the defining mirrors of fashion, Naser likes to experiment in this field:

“I dye my hair. If you asked me why, I would not be able to give you the right answer. When I was in the Hague, I dyed my hair blond like a real Dutchman! I am not shy about it, I do it for the appearance.”

In addition to his active sports life, Naser Oric has also been practicing yoga for a long time.

OK, even I don’t do all that stuff, and I’m a girl. I don’t even wear perfume. Speaking of which, perfume is something that Oric has in common with another Balkans-relevant figure, Wesley Clark — known as “the perfumed general.” If I could ask Clark one question it would be whether he has any plans to come out with a fragrance. Maybe he and Oric could create one together and call it Criminal, or Scent of War Crimes.

Meanwhile, the mafia business must be slow, because we have a related news item that indicates Oric needs help sustaining his lavish tastes:

Naser Orić wants Serbian pension

29 November 2010 | 10:41 | Source: B92

SARAJEVO — A former Bosnian Muslim army commander tried and acquitted by the Hague on war crimes charges expects to be granted a pension in Serbia.

Naser Orić, accused of killing Serb civilians in eastern Bosnia, but found by the Hague Tribunal to be innocent, says he will request his pension from Belgrade “when conditions have been met”.

Orić started his career in the late 1980s as a member of a Serbian police (MUP) special unit, which he left with the onset of the war in Bosnia in 1992.

From 1987 until 1992, he was deployed in Kosovo and worked on Slobodan Milošević’s security detail.

He told media in Sarajevo, Bosnia, that he traveled to Belgrade on several occasions since his Hague acquittal in 2008, and that he hired a lawyer to “regulate his pension rights in Serbia”.

Orić, who has in the meantime been detained in Bosnia suspected of taking part in organized crime activities, says that once he receives the money, he will give it to “the children of his fellow fighters who died in Srebrenica”.

[So he has the typical Muslim chutzpah to demand money from, essentially, the country he made war on, and will be donating that money to future terrorists against that country and others.]

Reports from Croatia said last week that former Croat President Stjepan Mesić - the last president of the presidency of the former Yugoslavia (SFRJ) - was receiving a Serbian pension and telling reporters that he was getting the money “for breaking up Yugoslavia”.

Media in Belgrade then wondered whether “war criminal Naser Orić would also get a Serbian pension”, considering that he was employed by Serbia’s police. […]

As perverse as it sounds, it’s true about Mesic and his dark sarcasm about it is apt:

Mesic just one of 6,000 Croatian residents on Serbia’s pensions payroll

The former Croatian president Stjepan Mesic is just one of some 6,000 Croatian retirees receiving pensions from Serbia, the Serbian press has reported.

These people used to work in Serbia and have paid contributions to the country’s fund for pension and disability insurance (PIO Fond).

The director of public relations sector of the PIO Fond Jelica Timotijevic says that all of those who had worked for the presidency of the former Yugoslavia, for example – and have later become state officials and politicians in their own countries – have a right to a Serbian pension based on individual agreements between Serbia and the former republics.

Serbia pays retirement payments to a total of approximately 24,000 people in all former Yugoslav states, the daily Vecernji List writes.

I don’t know where else but the Balkans states pay pensions to people who commit acts of war against the state. This isn’t the first time we hear of this. Recently, I mentioned that Albanians in Macedonia expect the state to provide benefits to insurgents for their insurgency against the state. Similarly, a few years ago the UN agreed to help financially sustain KLA families.

(Nor are Albanians above demanding that countries pay for damage done to the areas where Albanians start wars: “The Vetevendosje (Self-determination) movement also called on the [Pristina] government not to pay the debt [to Serbia], as outlined by the Ahtisaari Plan, until Serbia repays Kosovo for damages caused during the war and returns the country’s [sic] capital owed to it from the breakup of Yugoslavia.”)

So one wonders when the UN will give pensions to Hamas or surviving relatives of Auschwitz guards. Unless we think we’re joking about pensions going to Nazis, just as the Belgrade media found out that their “hypothetical” quip about Oric getting a Serbian pension was no joke, it turns out that Nazis getting benefits is no joke either. In 2008 I received an email from a reader/source named Miodrag, who had come into possession of the following information:

German Social Assistance and Services Act on Social Assistance to War Victims (Bundesversorgungsgesetz - BVG)
1(982-01-22 Bundesgesetzblatt I, 1982-01-27, No. 2, pp. 21-54

Provides for social assistance to war victims.

Among 1.1 million recipients, there are 50,000 Nazi war criminals.

They are tracked by the payments they received. 128 of them lived in Argentina. 196 in Brazil, 1115 in Austria, 1010 in Croatia, 2380 in Slovenia and 3377 in USA.

Slovenia had the highest relative number of Nazis at that time.

Miodrag also had this press release:

Subject: Press Release
Nazi pensions
NDR/PANORAMA Kuno Haberbusch
January 30, 1997
PANORAMA: Germany Pays Billions to Nazi War Criminals

Nazi war criminals officially termed “victims”

Billions of Marks from German taxpayers are being paid to Nazi war criminals and are called “victim” pensions. A spokesman for the German Ministry of Labor confirmed that additional assistance money is being spent on war criminals but claimed that nothing could be changed because of constitutional reasons. The chairman of Germany’s Jewish Community, Ignaz Bubis, was shocked. He had never thought that “such people” were getting additional financial payments from the German government. The PANORAMA report, by Volker Steinhoff and John Goetz, will air on Thursday, January 30, 1997 at 9PM on the ARD German television network.

The Nazi war criminals receive in addition to their regular pensions “victim” pensions, according to the German “Social Compensation And Assistance To War Victims” law (Bundesversorgungsgesetz — BVG). Last year alone, from Federal and Lander budgets, almost 13 billion Marks was currently paid to over 1.1 million “victim” pensioners. To qualify for the “victim” pension, one must have been injured as a result of war service. Because no one is excluded from the BVG, each war criminal who applies is granted a “victim” pension if they can simply prove a war injury.

PANORAMA found out that world-wide that numerous Nazi war criminals, who today receive monthly payments between 100 and several thousand Marks from German tax payers. The well-respected German military historian Gerhard Schreiber estimates the number of war criminals receiving these extra payments from the German government at 50,000. Wolfgang Lehnigk-Emden, from Ochtendung near Koblenz, is one of the “victims.” According to a German federal court, Lehnigk-Emden killed 15 unarmed women and children in Caiazzo near Naples in Italy in October 1943. Because Lehnigk-Emden was later injured (shot in the leg) while trying to escape from an allied POW camp and suffers a mild handicap, he receives an additional “victim” pension.

Another current recipient of victim pensions is the former SS Hauptsturm-fuhrer Wilhelm Mohnke. Mohnke, who was a close confidant of Adolf Hitler and commandant of the “Fuhrerbunker” in Berlin during Hitler’s last days. According to the US Department of Justice “there is very substantial evidence pointing to Wilhelm Mohnke’s personal involvement in the perpetration of Nazi war crimes” — for his role in the massacre of 72 American POWs in 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge.

War criminals, that live outside of the borders of Germany, also receive additional monthly “victim” payments from Germany. One of those is the former Auschwitz lieutenant Thies Christophersen. Christophersen is also one of Germany’s leading neo-Nazis, whose book “The Auschwitz Lie” is considered to be “the bible of the Holocaust revisionist movement,” according to PANORAMA. Christophersen lived in Denmark until 1995 and had his “victim” pensions forwarded there. The payments to Christophersen were recently put on hold, as he is a fugitive and the German pension authorities do not know where to send his money.

It appears, then, that the Croatians have been ahead of their time with the annual commemorations of their Partisan-massacred Ustasha Nazis in Bleiburg, Austriafunded and always attended by government officials and Catholic clergy.

As for this perverse and inverted use of the term “victim,” there does seem to be a disturbing and growing trend. We’ve already read about Lithuania trying to prosecute Jewish partisans for war crimes against Nazis — while being reluctant to prosecute Nazi war criminals. But it looks like things are continuing in this surreal direction, as chief Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff apparently is being sued by a Nazi. In an October letter sent out by the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Zuroff, he wrote, “There is nothing more galling than a tyrant’s chutzpah. Just like today’s terrorists portray themselves as the defenders of mankind, yesterday’s perpetrators who slaughtered millions seek to portray themselves as the victims.”


Hungary — …[W]ith increasing anti-Semitism in Hungary, Simon Wiesenthal Center Israel Director Dr. Efraim Zuroff finds himself on trial in Budapest in a lawsuit filed by an Hungarian Nazi war criminal responsible for the murder of hundreds of Jews.

In a first-person report for Wiesenthal.com, Dr. Zuroff explains that, “For the past 30 years, I have been actively involved in trying to facilitate the prosecution of Nazi war criminals, so it was quite upsetting to find myself in the dock 10 days ago in Budapest as the accused in a libel/defamation suit filed by one of the more important Holocaust perpetrators whom I have exposed and sought to bring to justice.”

Dr Zuroff continues, “The person in question, Dr. Sandor Kepiro, was among a group of Hungarian army and gendarmerie officers who organized a mass murder of at least 1,250 innocent civilians (mostly Jews, the others Serbs and Roma) in the Serbian city of Novi Sad on January 23, 1942.

Thousands of residents of the city were rounded up by the Hungarians on that day and taken to a large theater in the center of the city, where a committee of Hungarian officers decided if any could be released. The others, the overwhelming majority of those rounded up, were marched to the banks of the Danube River, which runs through the center of Novi Sad, where they were mowed down by teams of Hungarian shooters. The murders were only stopped in the afternoon, when Hungarian officers sent from Budapest landed on the frozen river with orders to halt the mass murder, which had been launched by the officers in Novi Sad on their own initiative, but by this time hundreds had already been killed.

In late 1943, the officers involved in the operation were put on trial in Hungary for violating orders, and on January 23, 1944, they were all convicted and sentenced either to death or to lengthy jail sentences, including Sandor Kepiro. Shortly thereafter, however, the Nazis invaded Hungary and all the convictions were cancelled, the officers were given promotions, and they were returned to active service.

After the war, Kepiro escaped to Austria and in 1948 arrived in Argentina, where he remained until 1996, when he returned to Budapest. There are indications that he was tried again in absentia in 1946 and was again convicted.

In the summer of 2006, the Center received information that Kepiro was still alive and I tracked him down to a brownstone in the Hungarian capital at 78 Leo Frankel Street, right opposite a functioning synagogue. (For the full details on the amazing story of how I found him, see the chapter on Kepiro in my recent book Operation Last Chance; One Man’s Quest to Bring Nazi Criminals to Justice, Palgrave/Macmillan, 2009.) On August 1, 2006, I submitted the evidence to the prosecutors, who informed me that there was no statute of limitations in Hungary on war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity and I asked that Kepiro’s original sentence be implemented. In February 2007, I was informed that the original sentence could not be implemented since it had been cancelled by a Hungarian court, but instead an investigation was opened against him for his role in the massacre at Novi Sad. That investigation has been proceeding ever since, but contrary to our expectation that Kepiro would be prosecuted, that has still not taken place. About a year ago, he was finally questioned and had to surrender his passport, but a request to put him under house arrest was rejected and he is still unprosecuted more than three years after the investigation against him commenced.

Then I suddenly found myself on trial for exposing a Holocaust perpetrator and pushing for his prosecution. Instead of attending Kepiro’s trial, I found myself on trial for the ostensible offense of exposing and telling the truth about one of the persons responsible for a terrible mass murder. This was a strange and unprecedented experience for me, but the silver lining might be that the proceeding that he started against me might ultimately be his undoing as we expose his crimes, thereby increasing the pressure for his prosecution. That is my hope, and so despite the frustration and absurdity of being in the dock, perhaps some positive benefit can be achieved in this case and the truth and justice be served.

And here is a report from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

Nazi hunter Zuroff on trial for libel

October 13, 2010

BERLIN (JTA) — Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff is fighting libel charges filed by an alleged war criminal in Hungary.

The case, being heard in a Budapest courtroom, began Oct. 8 and is scheduled to continue through a final hearing Dec. 16.

It is likely the first time that a man under investigation for mass murder has sued his accusers, Zuroff told JTA.

Kepiro, now 96, sued Zuroff in 2007, alleging that Zuroff had made statements about the case as fact rather than opinion.

[Zuroff’s attorney Marton] Rosta said the court agreed with Kepiro and opened the current trial, in which Zuroff is required to back up his “factual” statement.

“This is a very trying and frustrating experience,” Zuroff wrote in an e-mail to JTA, “since Kepiro should have been tried a long time ago … and instead I’m the one on trial.”

“He’s saying that he did not kill anyone and that all he did was verify/ferret out armed ‘partisans’ … who posed a threat to the occupying Hungarian forces,” Zuroff wrote in his e-mail. It is a “blatant lie, since his men rounded up hundreds of [civilians], almost all of whom were taken to the Danube to be shot.”

Should the judge find Zuroff’s proof lacking, he faces a fine or up to two years in prison. Even if Zuroff is cleared, Kepiro remains innocent in the eyes of the court, and may or may not be tried on the war crimes charges, Rosta said.

While Zuroff told JTA he had never been sued before, a Lithuanian Nazi war criminal living in Scotland, the late Antanas Gecas, succeeded in stopping the sale of Zuroff’s first book, “Occupation Nazi-Hunter: The Continuing Search for the Perpetrators of the Holocaust,” for six years.

Such developments don’t exist in a vacuum. I’m not the only one who has noted instances of a kind of reevaluation going on of the Nazis at a time when the new monstrosity intent on Jewish genocide has reared its head (Islam), and is being defended. That is, in what surely can’t be a coincidence, we see a media that is pro-Muslim and at the same time from that media we’re getting a more ‘nuanced’ approach toward the Nazis, saying “Maybe the Nazis weren’t the demons we’ve made them out to be.” (”And, hey, maybe Jews aren’t the angels we thought they were.”)

A few years ago, an email friend sent me the following example:

I saw a special on the history channel promoting Ottoman Turkey as a peaceful and tolerant society. If you ever have time to read Ivo Andric’s Nobel winning THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER DRINA, it shows what life was like in Bosnia. Every seven years the blood tax was collected and the Serbian children carted away to Asia Minor, where they would be re-trained and brought back as adult Moslems to wage war on their people and their families. There is still a place in Israel called Bosnian village where some of these kids ended up. Very nice and tolerant empire indeed.

I saw another special on the same channel promoting the Nazi Army as an excellent force of exceptional ability, valor and even good looks. I sent an email to complain, and asked the editors if they thought that these troops looked so hot to all of the women and children being rounded up by them for the death camps.

The post 9/11, highbrow PBS discussion made me as sick as the Moslem vendors trying to sell me Twin Tower t-shirts in NYC in October of 2001. My friend went to Italy after 9/11 and some Moroccon wanted to sell him a little plastic replica of the Twin Towers with a plane flying into it. Sick beyond belief.

I’m pretty sure I’ll never remember the shows’ names. One was specifically dedicated to the Nazi Army (I still can’t believe it — I guess all the WWII vets must be dead), and the other one dedicated to the delightful and progressive Ottomans. I think the second show even equated the Turks with the ideals and values of America. Geez — how far can you go???

This is all happening, of course, at the same time that U.S. policy is reaching a new low under Obama vis-a-vis the Jewish State, whose alienation by America will lead, at best, to abandonment. Can the Nazi revivalism that’s been building really be separated from the election of a man in 2008 who was chosen as president at least partly to do just that? Indeed, might Obama not be the culmination of these related trends?

The Nazi revivalism of which I speak includes not only Human Rights Watch’s “military expert” Mark Garlasco, whose pride and joy is his collection of Nazi paraphernalia and books — for which he was finally fired some months ago after great reluctance by HRW, but also this year we heard from Oliver Stone that America’s ‘obsession’ with the Holocaust stems from Jewish control of the media. The trend even includes Sandra Bullock’s recently ex-husband Jesse James, who cheated on Bullock with a white supremacist who’s got a swastika tattooed on her stomach. And to name just one other item from this year, the winner chosen this year in the reality competition “Project Runway” had his finale fashion line inspired by Nazis and KGB.

So to recap, we’ve got: Anti-Israelism. Pro-Islamism. Nazi-revivalism. Holocaust-revisionism. And Nazi-reevaluation/rehabilitation (see Swiss foreign minister Micheline Calmy-Rey’s suggestion in 2006 to hold a “seminar on differing perceptions of the Holocaust,” so as to improve relations with Iran.)

At least now we know what the real 2010 space odyssey has been.