Greenwich, CT — Another grateful Kosovar: Floods prison cell, disparages then threatens police, promises to leave country asap.

Someone is clearly frustrated by the lack of lawlessness here:

Prisoner floods Greenwich cell, threatens police (Nov. 29)

Frank MacEachern, Staff Writer

An unruly prisoner, who threatened to return to Greenwich police headquarters with guns and bombs, flooded the station’s cell block area last week by damaging a sprinkler head in the cell where he was being held, police said.

Haxhi Ibraj, 23, of 83 Wilbur Peck Court, was “belligerent, aggressive and irrational” when he was brought to police headquarters on Bruce Place at 6 p.m. Nov. 23, according to the police report. He demanded food, threatened to resist any type of police processing and said he would damage a cell if he was placed in one.

After police put him in a cell, fire alarms went off and police noticed on surveillance cameras that Ibraj had tampered with the sprinkler in the cell, police said.

Water streamed from underneath the door of cell 3 to the adjacent cells, police said.

When five police officers arrived at the cell, Ibraj allegedly threatened to return to police headquarters with bombs and guns and that “life would be short” for the officers around him, according to the report.

Ibraj was finally processed for arrest at 10 p.m., four hours after first arriving at the police station.

He was charged with first-degree criminal mischief, second-degree threatening and refusal to be fingerprinted in connection with the incident. Bond was set at $10,000, and he is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford Wednesday.

Water from the damaged sprinkler flooded the cell block area containing cells 1 through 5. The water also damaged tiles on the basement ceiling below the cell block area, said Lt. Kraig Gray, police spokesman. He said the damage was minimal.

While he was being transported to police headquarters, he allegedly disparaged American police during what police called an “argumentative tirade” and said he was going to leave the country as soon as he was able.

Police list Ibraj’s birthplace as Kosovo, Albania. Kosovo is the Albanian-dominated part of Serbia that is seeking its independence.

Ibraj ended up in Greenwich police custody after he was stopped by State Police around 5:30 p.m. that same day near northbound Interstate 95’s exit 6 for an alleged motor vehicle infraction. A check revealed Greenwich Police had an arrest warrant for him in connection with an earlier incident in September.

He was wanted for perjury, interfering with police and providing a false statement for allegedly claiming his wife had stabbed him during that dispute, police said.

Police said Ibraj cut himself and blamed his wife when police arrived during that Sept. 20 incident in Greenwich.

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Please note the preternatural genius of reporter Frank MacEachern, who cites Greenwich police in listing the man’s national origin as “Kosovo, Albania.” He then defines Kosovo as “the Albanian-dominated part of Serbia that is seeking its independence.”

As contradictory as those things may sound, he gets it all right:

1. Kosovo is a key part of the quickly-forming Greater Albania, so if we’re being honest — yes — we would say “Kosovo, Albania.” (In fact, they marked it down this way because that’s probably how Ibraj said it to them, though he would have said “Kosova, Albania.”)

2. However, Kosovo is in Serbia. So Mr. MacEachern is correct again, demonstrating a more sophisticated understanding than any member of our policy-making elite.

3. Kosovo is not independent but, as Mr. MacEachern again correctly puts it, is still seeking independence.

4. If Kosovo is in both Serbia and Albania, that means Serbia is in Albania or Albania is in Serbia. Correct on both counts: Albania infiltrated Serbia, which is how Serbia is going to end up in Albania. So the reporter even foreshadows the additional usurpations of Serbian land by Greater Albania that loom on the horizon.