We know that Tony Blair, whose weak-minded sister-in-law recently converted to Islam, has had any number of Islamo-serving brain farts in recent years. For a Brit, saying pro-Muslim stuff is like masturbation. But I just had to point out the glorious collision of traditional British Islamophilia with traditional British Judeophobia in the following comment by Blair, during what sounds like a rather sophomoric weekend debate on god and religion between Blair and Christopher Hitchens:

Jesus teaches love, selflessness and sacrifice; the prophet Mohammad said saving one life is as if you’re saving the whole of humanity; Buddhists subjugate selfish desires to care for others; and Sikhs insist on respect for others of another faith, he argued.

There’s a rather conspicuous omission, is there not? Every religion is mentioned except for the original monotheistic one. That is, two out of the three “great religions” are mentioned — one of them a satanic derivative of the other two — and then we go right to the more minor ones.

Blair is probably only a year or so away from becoming Muslim. He took one step closer in 2007 when he converted to Catholislam — I mean Catholicism. I’ll explain that statement in a blog early next year, but rather than a gratuitous slam on Catholicism — much less individual Catholics — it’s a statement about a disturbing trend between the Vatican and Islam. One that hasn’t escaped the notice of Italian media. (The Church backing the construction of Milan’s first mosque, against popular Italian-Catholic will, is just the most outward, recent and harmless-sounding example.)

As for the incurably atheist Hitchens, let’s hope that his cancer on the other hand is indeed curable, so that he might put off for another several years being proved wrong when he meets his maker.

As I tell most atheists I meet: Don’t worry — even atheists go to heaven. They just feel really stupid when they get there. And if there’s anyone who can make Christopher Hitchens look stupid, it’s god. (Plus Hitchens himself, if he’s writing about Kosovo. Then, like all the other geniuses, he’s a fucking idiot.)

Meanwhile, when Blair finally does convert to Islam, maybe he can stab his sister-in-law when she wears a skirt that’s too short.