While Youtube is persecuting my pal Maxime Lepante, banning as “hate speech” his videos showing nothing more than Muslim worshipers spilling out illegally onto Paris streets during Friday prayers, tributes to Jew-killers remain up and unmolested on youtube. For example, this one by Bosnian-Muslims:

Bosnian Muslims post tribute video to Nazi ally Hajj Amin al-Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem (Nov. 5)

Pamela Geller recalls: “During World War II, the Mufti lived in Berlin, where he met Hitler and traveled in top Nazi circles (he even stayed in Hitler’s bunker toward the end of the war). Among his close friends was Adolf Eichmann, who is commonly thought to be the architect of the Holocaust. Journalist Maurice Pearlman, author of the 1947 book The Mufti of Jerusalem, said that the Mufti advised Eichmann on the best ways to persecute Jews. Hitler gave the Mufti a radio station, which al-Husseini used to preach Nazism and genocide in Arabic.”

The explanation on this video reads: “This video is a small contribution, and small thanks from Bosniaks to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husayni (Let Allah s.w.t be pleased with him) for his spiritual and military leadership against the enemies of the Bosniaks, the faith of Islam and the Homeland.”

And yet the Left and its Islamic supremacist allies would have you believe that the anti-jihadists are the ones dallying with Nazism. Yeah, surrre. The real convergence and harmony of views is between Nazis and Islamic supremacists, as this illustrates yet again.

(Video thanks to Newstime.)

Meanwhile, here was the letter from Maxime Lepante announcing the removal of his latest video:

Hello to all my friends,

Today, at noon (Paris time), YouTube has banned my last video, which was showing the illegal Muslim prayers in Myrha Street, that I had made and uploaded last Friday, December 10th!

Now, when you click on my embedded video, you can read this message from YouTube (I translate it) : “This video has been banned, because it doesn’t respect YouTube’s community guidelines that forbid incitement to hatred” !!!

So, for YouTube, showing an offence committed by Muslims, without adding any commentary, is “incitement to hatred” !

I have the phone number of YouTube in California, and I will contact them personally, to ask them to put my video back online.

If you know how to fight this YouTube ban, if you have any advice as to how I shall act or if you know someone I can call in YouTube’s offices, please tell me ! All help will be welcome !

For the time being, I have put back online this banned video on our second YouTube channel :


This vidéo was enjoying a tremendous success : 28,000 people had seen it in 55 hours ! Our first YouTube channel had become the 9th most watched YouTube channel of France !

Please, forward this message to your friends, and help spread the information about this shocking censorship by YouTube.

Best regards from islamized France,


When Maxim originally publicized the latest video — the one now banned — he mentioned the following:

You will notice that the prayer is now broadcasted at a very loud volume. So, in one year, nothing has been [done] by the French politicians to apply the law in this Parisian district ! On the contrary, the situation has worsened, since the prayer is now broadcasted louder than it was before.

Some of his earlier videos:

I have just opened on YouTube a new channel totally in English for our organization, “Riposte Laïque”. On this channel, you can find my videos showing the illegal muslim prayers in the streets of Paris, translated in English : http://www.youtube.com/user/cicerodidot…The aim is to have 30 videos in English online at the beginning of the year 2011. Some of those videos will offer spectacular scenes.

Here are the links to the 2 most interesting videos in English that are already online :

Islamized Paris 4 - Muslims take over Myrha Street

Islamized Paris 5 - Muslims take over Léon Street

It’s important to spread the information about the scandal of the illegal muslim prayers in the streets of France.

Best regards from France,
Maxime Lépante.

I have uploaded on YouTube 3 new videos in English showing the illegal Muslim prayers in Paris, on our new English channel…I particularly recommend the video No. 8, which is spectacular: Shocking video ! Barbès Boulevard taken over by Muslims (Islamized Paris 8 )

The video 7 is impressive too:
Islamized Paris 7 - Poissonniers Street taken over by Muslims from top to bottom

The third video is [here]: