I actually wasn’t going to write a darned thing about the merciful (for us) passing of the ego named Richard Holbrooke. But then I saw that the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs did an “In Memory Of” republication of a pro-Israel article by the ego, so I had to make a few comments.

They act as if a person had died. But Dick Assholbrooke wasn’t a person. As illustrated in my recent book review, it was just an ego. In fact, when the book’s author approached him on a second occasion saying he had interviewed him and just wanted to ask —– the ego cut him off: “I’m looking for the men’s room.”

So it was an ego with physiological needs resembling those of a human body. But the similarities to humanity ended there.

As “JK” — who worked in the Balkans for 10 years and dealt with the ego — wrote me in August:

One did get the feeling that [former UN High Rep for Bosnia Carl] Bildt resented Hoolbrooke’s taking credit for his work and negotiations at Dayton as well as his Showboat approach to the work involved in putting the country back together…Bildt’s opinion of Holbrooke is well documented in his memoir on Bosnia…[A] lot of what I believe is based on witnessing first-hand attitudes and secular dogma of what people like Holbrooke, Bildt and others (an army of aspirant careerists) have said on and off the record — sober and drunk.

The people at JCPA probably like the ego for its pro-Israel words over the years — and even some Israel-specific, beneficial deeds. Naturally all without recognizing the ego’s actions which laid the foundations for Israel’s even-speedier-than-otherwise demise. They apparently have no clue that the ego sealed Israel’s fate in the Balkans, where it also expedited jihad in Bosnia and Kosovo. Not good for the Jews, incidentally. They don’t call the Balkans The New Middle East for nothing.

But in his policy-tinkering circles, Serbs were viewed (when they were thought of at all) as even more expendable than Jews. And so it was in the Balkans more than anywhere else that the ego’s sinister character was on parade.

But to have noticed that, you’d have to give a shit about people in the Balkans. You’d have to care that the ego submitted Serbs under Islamic states — and that this created a blueprint for Israelis. The Palestinian leadership has been acting on its 2008 hints that it would use Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence as a precedent, the fruits of which we are seeing this month as the PA pushes for individual recognitions and gets them from Latin-American countries.

But don’t expect Jews to figure out anything that’s of mortal interest.

I’m also having a hard time understanding why it’s so easy for a Jewish outfit like the JCPA to forget that the ego rose to its greatest prominence during the most anti-Israel administration pre-Obama and post-Carter — the Clintons’. (He served in the Carter administration as well.)

With great contributions from Assholbrooke, this is what a European capital was reduced to in 1999:

Two years later it was New York:

And thanks to the precedent in the first photo — a Holbrooke-forged NATO bombing campaign to settle a land dispute in favor of “underdog” aggressors — soon it will be Tel-Aviv (god forbid). That city certainly won’t thank the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs for paying tribute to the ego that helped make it all just a little more possible.

Over the past year, for reasons unknown to me, I thought about Assholbrooke’s physical demise on a rather regular basis, imagining or conjecturing when and how the ego might finally lose its body. Of course, I imagined myself in its presence when death was imminent — either by a captor or natural causes — and kept trying to decide whether, in this hypothetical scenario, I would do anything to intervene. The last time I did this exercise, two or three days before its death, I still didn’t know the answer. But always permeating this visualization exercise was a sense of great inertia coming from me, a disinclination to do anything to help the ego. Here my thoughts would trail off, and what turned out to be a premonition never had a definitive conclusion.

So in tribute to Assholbrooke fashion, let me just say this about his death: Did god take credit for that? He can’t, because I thought of it first.

Of course, the greatest homage to Assholbrooke is current events. The very day after the ego died, its legacy came to life. In breaking news, the whole world is learning what sorts of ghoulish pals the ego had secured for the U.S., driving the biggest nail into the coffin of America’s reputation. The callousness with which the ego rampaged through the region, destroying everything in its path, is finally coming to the surface. A glimpse into what the ego wrought, what it made us a part of, the inversions it concocted, the crime and death it helped unleash as it lied to Americans and the world is now manifestly available.

And yet it thought someone else was the “murderous asshole.”

Of course, since the ego’s slightly more evil co-creation, stolen-organ capo Hashim Thaci, was such a pal of the departed, couldn’t he at least have saved a Serbian aorta for old Dicky?

I’ll close by excerpting from yesterday’s summary of the ego by CHRONICLES Foreign Affairs Editor Srdja Trifkovic, for JCPA’s edification (since this mentions a few things that Assholbrooke did which weren’t exactly good for the Jews):

The settlement at Dayton was not unlike a plausible compromise that would have been reached much earlier had America remained on the sidelines; but the meaning of Dayton was evident from Holbrooke’s boast, a year later, “We are re-engaged in the world, and Bosnia was the test.”

As special representative to Cyprus in 1997, Holbrooke irritated the Europeans by his strident advocacy of Turkey’s membership in the European Union. His bias in favor of Muslim Turks against Christian Greeks in the divided island reflected a consistent bipartisan trend in U.S. foreign policy making. Holbrooke was not the creator of that trend, but he was its enthusiastic supporter – from Indonesia to Bosnia, from Cyprus to Kosovo.

In 1998 Holbrooke was back in the Balkans, preparing the ground for Clinton’s Kosovo war against Serbia. On June 24 of that year he met with the KLA commander Gani Shehu in the village of Junik, near the Yugoslav-Albanian border, dutifully taking his shoes off like a good dhimmi. He promised American support for the the KLA campaign of violence against the Serbs. Earlier that year Clinton’s Balkans envoy Robert Gelbard correctly characterized the KLA as a terrorist organization, but Holbrooke’s visit signified a change of policy and directly led to Racak, Rambouillet, NATO bombing, and Kosovo’s transformation into the Jihadist mafia state that it is today.

Vice President Joe Biden called him “the most egotistical bastard I’ve ever met.” Norwegian diplomat Kai Eide, until last March the top UN official in Afghanistan, said five weeks ago of Holbrooke’s Afghan performance, “This is not the Balkans, where you can bully people into accepting a solution.” Eide added that the U.S. Special Envoy did not fully grasp “the complexity of the Afghan political scene.”

Holbrooke’s grasp of the complexities was illustrated by his calling the Serbs “murderous assholes” and by referring to Radovan Karadzic as the Osama Bin Laden of Europe. He was “synonymous with American foreign policy,” indeed: he was a coarse, arrogant bully who understood diplomacy as the art of imposing one’s will at the point of a gun. Richard Charles Albert Holbrooke was a bad man advocating and implementing bad policies.

His friend Hashim Thaçi wrote in a telegram to President Obama on December 14 that “the death of Richard Holbrooke is a loss of a friend,” and he proposed naming a square after Holbrooke in the provincial capital of Pristina. The proposal is apt and should be adopted. The fact that Thaçi “the Snake” and his fellow organ harvesters and heroin pushers from Drenica are in charge of the “Republic of Kosova” is Richard Holbrooke’s defining legacy.