From yesterday’s “British Muslims feel that the biggest problem they face is the negative media coverage, according to a new survey published today.

“An overwhelming 92 percent feel the media coverage is either a very significant or significant problem….The study, carried out by Global Market Insite, Muslim Voice UK, Queens University in Belfast and the University of Liverpool, found also that Muslims are most concerned about Islamophobia, Western foreign policy and human rights violation of Muslims” and that these factors are responsible for the alienation that UK Muslims feel.

I’ve just checked myself into therapy. Because I realize I must suffer from this Islamophobia. Because every day I imagine that there are news reports telling of all kinds of horrors all over the world: car bombings, beheadings, suicide bombings, mutilations, even air planes crashing into buildings—it’s wild what my mind comes up with. And I must be a real bigot, because every time I imagine it, it’s Muslims who are doing these things. Like — every time. Isn’t that awful of me? So I’ve finally realized that the problem must be inside myself and that I just need to work out my own bigotry. Then it’ll all stop and peace will prevail.