Thanks, WikiLeaks!

Muslims with war records watched (Dec. 20)

Detailed reports on potential terrorist activity in New Zealand included warnings from police to United States officials that some local Muslims fought in wars such as Afghanistan and Bosnia, WikiLeaks cables show.

The warnings, in cables from 2005, showed the US embassy’s emergency action committee in Wellington had no information to indicate a terrorist cell was operating in New Zealand.

But it said police were investigating several individuals in a cable that noted there were about 50,000 Muslims in New Zealand, including 708 Maori converts.

“The New Zealand Police recently provided information indicating some New Zealand Muslims have fought in Afghanistan, Bosnia and possibly Chechnya,” the cable said.

Most investigations did not involve law enforcement agencies because there had been no indication of criminal behaviour. […]

I wonder, if we’d considered Bosnia war veterans to be a red flag, whether Sulejman Talovic would have gotten to leisurely prepare for his 2007 Salt Lake City massacre as he did. Oh never mind — Dad lied about his war record on his citizenship application. Like so many other Bosnian-Muslim families living here now. I guess it won’t help.