I might have added this the other day. Again this year a mass was held for the Croatian fuhrer Ante Pavelic. In a central Zagreb cathedral. And again, not a peep from the Vatican or officially ‘anti-fascist’ Croatia. Or from the Western-minded Euro-Atlantic integrationists who are always on the alert for signs of clerical fascism in Serbia specifically.

Memorial service for Croat Nazi leader

29 December 2010 | 10:21 | Source: Tanjug ZAGREB — A memorial service was held at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Zagreb on Tuesday evening for Ante Pavelić.

The service also mentioned Jure Francetić, commander of the Ustasha Crna Legija (Black Legion).

The service was held by priests Vjekoslav Lasić and Stanislav Kos, who in referred to Pavelić as a respectable man who made sacrifices for all of Croatia.

Lasić, famous for his pro-Ustasha attitude and Pavelić-inspired sermons, called on the attendees to pray not only for Pavelić but also for Francetić, who, according to him, gave his life for Croatia.

Regardless of public criticism, Lasić has never been penalized by the Catholic Church nor by the state of Croatia, whose constitution emphasizes anti-fascist ideology.

Pavelić was at the helm of the WW2 puppet-Nazi Independent State of Croatia (NDH), whose Ustasha regime operated death camps where Serbs, Jews and Roma were imprisoned and murdered, including sites of mass slaughter such as the Jasenovac concentration camp.

Another aspect of my Muslim-Vatican Axis blog was checking in to see how Catholics are doing in Bosnia, which the inquiring bishop found wasn’t very good. Relevant to that, we hear that Santa Claus was once again banished from Sarajevo. I wonder why. Have the Muslims been bad?

Santa Claus “banished” from Bosnia
29 December 2010 | 11:55 | Source: FoNet

SARAJEVO — The Islamic Community of Bosnia-Herzegovina has issued a fatwa that states Santa Claus “is neither known or recognized in the Bosniak tradition”.

Bosniaks (Muslims) are one of the three peoples in that country, the other two being Serbs and Croats, who are Christians.

But the fatwa, issued ahead of this year’s holidays, meant that no Santa Claus, or its local equivalent, Father Frost, can be seen anywhere in the capital city of Sarajevo, including in kindergartens. The situation was the same in previous years.

The Islamic Community said that “there is an attempt to trick Bosniak children with this Christian symbol presented as a neutral character”.

However, the city administration of Sarajevo will go ahead with its New Year’s program for children, that will also feature Santa Claus, but the event will be organized indoors.

So, as every other day, we have Croatians being their usual Nazi selves, and the Muslim being their usual jihadi selves. But still it’s the Serbs who really really suck. (Sarc.)