Last week Bush vetoed legislation that would ease restrictions on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.

In the few short years since “stem cells” entered the national vocabulary and took center stage, the scientific community has had breakthrough after breakthrough with adult stem cells. But no, some sick people and their advocates want their stem cells to come specifically from embryos.

Given that in contrast to adult stem cell research, embryonic stem cell research is only in its embryonic stages, according to its proponents this means that it’s not really research and therefore abortable. In other words, if embryos aren’t people, then the embryonic stage of embryonic stem cell research isn’t science.

No one’s talking about aborting the research, of course. It isn’t illegal; the question is merely whether government should be in the business of experimenting on embryos. But for some people, it simply isn’t enough that they get to create and destroy human embryos; they want stem cells in them from embryos that have been touched with the magic wand of taxpayer money. I guess some people want to literally be owned by the government.

These federally-financed Frankenstein wannabes shouldn’t worry; as soon as George Bush is out of office, public school students will be experimenting on human embryos in no time.