In December I got the following email, from “Mike,” who gave a fake email address, as I found out when I tried to reply:

name = Mike
email =
comments = I just thougt to send you a quick hi….Great blog. You seem to
be spending lot of time into it..

I spend a year travelling the balkans. I must say that my views were much
like yours. My quest was to see the people, see the culture, see it all
first hand.

Most balkan muslims are muslims by name only. They call themselves muslims
just not to be grouped or associated with serbs.
I met serbs in Sarajevo who would call themselves Bosnians and defened the
city as well. They also speak of great attrocities done by “chetnicks”… I
would say 40% of serbs are nationalists and still consider Mladic and
Karadzic their hero. It can’t be denied that Serb forces masacred and
shelled the city (Sarajevo)and rest of Bosnia.

I think you should take a trip to Bosnia and do some investigation/reporting
have a great day.

But I did want to share my response here, especially in the event he occasionally goes to this site:

Dear Mike,
My B.S. meter goes on ‘high’ when I read: “My views were much like yours.”

NO ONE’s views on the Balkans start out like mine; these views are *acquired* through years of research and ultimately gaining an understanding of the geopolitical endgame.

No one *starts out* with a pro-Serb view and changes it over time. It’s almost impossible — our government and media organs made sure that there could be no such thing; it’s called brainwashing. Even I did not start out pro-Serb; I had no idea what a Serb was until late-1999, and my first writings were very equalizing between them and their enemies.

Almost everyone on the planet starts out with an anti-Serb orientation, whether they know it or not. And over time, if they are fair-minded, it becomes less anti-Serb, and more anti-Bosniak/Albanian/Croatian. (IF one is looking at the big picture and not getting distracted by the kindnesses of individual people one meets along the way.)

I’m paraphrasing, but as Iseult Henry — author of “Hiding Genocide in Kosovo” — put it: I went there as part of the international mission and as anti-Serb as any respectable person…

As for your b.s. about “Muslim in name only/nominal Muslims”: As I’ve written a thousand times: Just because they are capable of reason (unlike most Middle Eastern and other Asian Muslims), and eat pork and drink alcohol and wear tight clothes, does not mean their hearts aren’t facing Mecca. THEY ARE ON PROGRAM. Most of them will end up facilitating the reestablishment of the worldwide caliphate without even knowing that they are doing so. Just by being defensive on behalf of their brethren, they will contribute to this eventuality.

As for Serbs hiding their identities — which Jews also do depending on where they live — that is often because Serbs have internalized the false shame put on them by the world. Many are embarrassed to be who they are. Even in the U.S. I meet people who answer the question “Where are you from?” with “Yugoslavia.” Or sometimes they say “Bosnia,” and I eventually find out they’re Serbs from Bosnia. All just to stay away from the word “Serb” or “Serbia.”

Congratulations on this accomplishment, which you seem to approve of. Goebbels would be proud too.

But yes, I do know that some Serbs fought on the Bosnian-Muslim side, and a lot more Muslims fought on the Serb side. No, I won’t travel to the region anytime soon. Who should pay for such a trip? A person doesn’t make any money or get a career by defending Serbs. If I had done the opposite — like every Pulitzer Prize winner — I would be rolling in money, of course, and such trips would be happily paid for by the news organizations employing me.

Maybe you’re a Bosnian Muslim yourself, but either way I’m embarrassed for you that you regurgitated to ME the same, tired, disproved propaganda about Sarajevo. You’re telling this “information” (“It can’t be denied that Serb forces massacred and shelled the city (Sarajevo) and rest of Bosnia”) to someone who has already disproved it a hundred times. It has been shown what the “Siege of Sarajevo” really was. (See Nuremberg II: Crickets Chirping in Newsrooms Across the World and About that “Serbian” Siege of Sarajevo and More on the Serbian “Siege” of Sarajevo and The Real Criminals Presiding over the International Court and Karadzic in Court: Exposed Western “Journalism,” Demolishes one of its Drones and How to Have No Friends in the Balkans and Really Bosnian Muslims Started the War? Watch Your Back, Middle America and Still Murky on what that Bosnia Thing was? Here it is in a Nutshell and Bosnia’s “Maybe They ARE Like That” Problem Finally Makes it to NYT’s Radar and U.S. Made Deal with Bosnian-Muslim Government to Sacrifice Srebrenica and “Civilian Death Toll of Sarajevo ‘Siege’ Grossly Overstated.”)

p.s. Regarding your embarrassing, pedestrian, hackneyed, brainwashed invocation of the apparently irresistible term “Serbianationalist” ( “I would say 40% of serbs are nationalists and still consider Mladic and Karadzic their hero”), notice that with Serbs you’re at least able to provide a meaningless statistic for a crude categorization. (Any Serb who is against the Kosovo secession is termed a “nationalist,” and since that is an internationally illegal act that I’m against, I suppose this American Jew is one of your “Serbianationalists.”) In contrast, try and distinguish Croatians or Albanians from Croatian and Albanian nationalists — and come up with a percentage figure there. Good luck. But for some reason, their hero worship of war criminals is NOT considered “nationalism,” and doesn’t render them the title “nationalists,” though they freely admit they are. (I notice you didn’t offer celebrated criminal names such as Gotovina, Ceku, Haradinaj, Thaci, Domazet-Loso, Cermak, Markac, Tudjman, Izetbegovic, Ganic, or Oric as readily as you did the ubiquitous names Mladic and Karadzic. That makes you either a nationalist yourself, or an ignoramus, though usually it’s both.)