From Michael Goodwin’s column today: “The New York Times reported that Sunnis, the fiercest opponents of our troops, now say they want Americans to stay to protect them from other Muslims. Some Sunni leaders want us to send more troops.”

Say again? Muslims are asking for protection from Muslims? But all of our Muslim spokespeople in the West have been telling us the main problem is Islamophobia. Now I’m confused. What are the Muslims scared of? There’s nothing to need protection from, is there? Only from Islamophobia, right? Isn’t that what attacked us on 9/11?

The Times article recounted this scene at a Baghdad mosque: “When an American convoy rolled in recently, a remarkable message rang out from loudspeakers of the Abu Hanifa Mosque… ‘The American Army is coming with the Iraqi Army — do not shoot,’ the voice said … ‘They are here to help you.’”

Yeah, hold that fire ’til later, after the Americans have worn out their usefulness to the expansion of the caliphate. Unfortunately, although they account for the likely self-interested, Iran-fearing motives of Arab countries opposing the Hezbollah onslaught, Goodwin and others have optimistically quoted the Saudi foreign minister calling Hezbollah’s attacks “inappropriate and irresponsible,” and warning that the attacks “will pull the whole region back to years ago.”

All the guy is saying is that Hezbollah is undoing all the years of progress that the Arab world made together in turning the world against Israel. That’s why the attacks are “irresponsible”–because they’re counter-productive.