A FAMILY of squatters from Kosovo have stripped their victim’s house bare.

Owner Denise Joannides wept when she saw they had nicked everything from a lounge suite to a toilet seat.

Samir and Lendita Gashi, who caused £50,000 damage, left just hours before bailiffs arrived to evict them.

The couple, who have four children, had taken the £3,000 lounge suite, beds, dining room and office furniture, chairs, a heating system, an exercise bike and a sewing machine.

They even took light fittings, bulbs, a door and a marble toilet seat.

Denise, 56, had let her £500,000 home in Totteridge, north London, for 12 months and moved in with her mum when the recession hit her costume business.

But an agency had let it to Kosovans on £1,150-a-month housing benefit. They failed to pay and then ignored notices to leave.

Just before eviction specialists Landlord Action were due to enforce a court order and remove them, the family scarpered.

Denise said: “Gashi claimed he was skint, unemployed and didn’t pay the rent, but he managed to put up a Sky dish and he afforded a removal van to take my belongings.”

Paul Shamplina, of Landlord Action, said: “Because the waiting list for a council house is five to 20 years, taxpayers are now paying for Gashi to inflict the same misery on another unsuspecting victim.

“Denise was not a professional landlord, she just needed a bit of money before moving back.”

Denise said: “I’ve spent thousands on legal bills and now I’m facing a massive repair bill.”

Ah, the Albanian specialty: invading someone’s home and stripping it bare. (See Kosovo, Serbia.) Then they get to do it again at the UK government’s expense. What the hell are they going to do with the toilet? Do they even know what it’s for?

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