Note that the common strand in all arguments in favor of Thaci, the KLA and their “independent state” is the call for “evidence” to back up Marty’s report. This is very important. These very people telling you today that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and that we shouldn’t judge an entire nation based on allegations without evidence? They are the ones who have, for the past two decades, done precisely that: leveled outlandish allegations against an entire nation, without a shred of evidence - worse yet, with actual evidence running counter to their claims! But you see, the nation we should not judge are the Albanians (specifically, the made-up “Kosovars”) and the nation we’ve become used to instinctively condemning against all the evidence to the contrary are the Serbs - so that’s perfectly all right, then.

As if on cue, an example appears…Here’s Newsweek’s description: “This genocidaire brought horror to ’90s Europe and died while on trial for war crimes. After the fall of the ‘Butcher of the Balkans,’ Serbia remains a hotbed of organized crime, and Kosovo’s independence sparked violent protests. But at least the mass ethnic slayings are gone.”

…It was the British tabloids that labeled Milosevic the “Butcher of the Balkans.” With the details of KLA’s butchery of captives to sell their body parts to rich Westerners beginning to emerge, it is becoming clear that Hashim Thaci is far more deserving of the moniker.

“At least the mass ethnic slayings are gone”? Tell that to the Serbs remaining in today’s independent Croatia, or the Bosnian Muslim-Croat Federation, or “independent” Kosovo (where you can also check on the Roma, Jews and Gorani). If you can find any.

Newsweek’s treatment of Milosevic actually fits Thaci more. But we can’t have that, oh no. That would be smearing, and might just offend Dennis McShane [former Labour MP and member of Thaci’s cheering section]. Every single claim made in the one-paragraph, drive-by character assassination is either completely false, or true in a sense Newsweek’s reporter absolutely did not intend it to be.

It is amazing that in this world, where “progressives” of all stripes have declared tolerance, diversity and inoffensiveness to be the highest virtues, it is not only allowed to be hateful, and offensive towards the Serbs, it is expected as proof of one’s political correctness. TheNewsweeks and McShanes of this world see nothing wrong with demanding evidence when their ox is being gored, but inventing or ignoring it when they wish to smear someone else.

That’s actually a bigger problem for them, and their countries and societies, than it is for the Serbs, who are used to such treatment by now and don’t give a damn…

Nebojsa Malic, Feb. 10