Last week a Croatian war criminal named Azra Basic was arrested in Kentucky for torturing and murdering Serbian civilians taken prisoner by her army brigade in Bosnia, where she was some sort of commander.

It’s not clear whether Azra was a Muslim Croat, or a regular Catholic Croat, though getting to the bottom of that is like splitting hairs, since the difference boils down to a technicality when the task at hand is Serb-killing. “Azra” is a Muslim name, and in 1994 she married a man named Nedzad, also a Muslim name.

Nebojsa Malic explains the way the whole Croatian/Muslim dynamic works, and it’s not unlike the way that Middle Eastern Muslims work together when it’s Jew-killing time, but otherwise are at each other’s throats:

Well, Azra means “maiden” in Arabic, so it is a Muslim name. “Basic” (Bashich) is derived from the Turkish word “bashi” (literally “head”, usually denotes leadership), and is a traditionally Muslim surname, though there’s an occasional Christian with it as well.

…[This] wouldn’t be the first time Muslims consider themselves “Croats” and fight in Croatian units (the Ustasha Black Legion in WW2 was founded by a Muslim, and the notorious Sarajevo crime lord Juka Prazina ended up a “General” in the HOS, a neo-Ustasha militia, to mention just two examples).

Point is, the only common ground that really exists between Muslims and Croats is their Nazi history of atrocities against the Serbs [and Jews as a side dish]. They fight bitterly about everything else (which is why the [Bosnian Muslim-Croat] Federation doesn’t work), but when it comes to hating Serbs, they are in agreement. It is a fascinating phenomenon that I haven’t seen anyone explore, really (would be horribly un-PC, I guess), that descendants of converts absolutely loathe their ex-kinsmen (most Croats and Muslims come from Serbs who converted to Catholicism or Islam, and even a good portion of the Albanians in Kosovo are converted Serbs, the “Arnautash”).

On the point of Croats and Muslims, meanwhile, recall that in WWII, the Croatian Ustasha Nazis took the Muslims to be “the purest Croats, precious stones which we must put in the structure of our Independent Croatian State.” To the Catholic Ustashe, mosques were a good thing.

Srdja Trifkovic expands on this relationship:

The claim that Bosnian Muslims were “Croats of Islamic faith,” however tenuous, was a key pillar of Pavelić’s Ustaša ideology. It was also a prerequisite of practical politics, as only by asserting those Islamized Slavs’ “purest Croatness”…could Pavelić lay a viable claim to Bosnia-Herzegovina, in which the Croats accounted for only one-sixth of the population.

Most Bosnian Muslims saw themselves as members of a distinct community, however, and avoided commitment, although some saw themselves as Croats and others as Serbs…Many Muslims joined the Ustaše in 1941 and participated in the atrocities against the Serbs, but the majority stayed aloof, especially in the areas with a large Serb population.

The assertion about the “Croatian” character of Bosnian Muslims had never been taken seriously by the Germans, however. As the German Plenipotentiary General in Zagreb, Edmind Glaise von Horstenau, remarked in 1941, “Bosnian Muslims would follow the Croats because they have the power… but at all times they would certainly seek to protect their special Muslim interests…

On the other hand…the desire to cultivate Bosnian Muslims as a pillar of the autonomous SS power structure in the Balkans was a typically Himmlerian idiosyncrasy. In the head of the SS, Islam had found its most ardent admirer and promoter in the pre-multicultural Europe. Himmler’s hatred of “soft and Judaizing” Christianity was matched by his admiration for the faith of the Prophet, which he saw as a masculine, martial religion based on the pure SS qualities of blind obedience and readiness for self-sacrifice, untainted by compassion for one’s enemies.

By creating an SS division composed of Bosnian Muslims Himmler hoped to enhance the links between the SS and the Islamic world. He believed that all Islamic nations were potentially sympathetic to Nazism, and that among the Bosnian Muslims this sentiment would be enhanced if Germany accepted and encouraged “Bosniak” particularism…

Himmler recognized in Bosnian Muslims potentially good soldiers who hate “the common Jewish- Bolshevik enemy” and are unreservedly pro-Nazi. His plans had the objective of creating an autonomous and undisputed SS foothold in Bosnia, which he eventually intended to turn into the new SS military frontier.

In his drive to recruit Bosnian Muslims Himmler enlisted the support of Haj Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem….The Mufti heaped praise on the Germans because they “know how to get rid of the Jews, and that brings us close to the Germans and sets us in their camp.” He pledged to help solve the Jewish problem in the Muslim lands “in the same way as the Jewish question in the Axis lands is being solved.”

…The total number of Bosnian Muslim volunteers in Himmler’s units, including Kammerhofer’s special police, reached 46,000 by September 1943. This vastly exceeded – by more than two-to-one – the number of Bosnian Muslims with Tito’s Partisans and even prompted some of them to leave the Ustaša for the SS. Proportionate to their numbers, the Muslims of Bosnia were the most enthusiastic volunteers for Himmler’s SS in the whole of occupied Europe. […]

Historian Carl Savich adds the following factoids:

Himmler was influenced by the service of Bosnian Muslims in the Austro-Hungarian Army during World War I. The Bosnian Muslims had fought loyally and fanatically for the German side in World War I. Himmler wanted to revive the German cooperation and solidarity with Bosnian Muslims.

Himmler also requested: “I expect that in the troop units of the Croatian Army, which consist predominantly of Moslems, we can [transfer them to the Waffen SS.]”

The 13th Waffen Gebirgs Division der SS Handzar was formed in 1943 and saw combat in eastern Bosnia in 1944. Himmler had to compromise with the Pavelic NDH regime to allow token Croatian Roman Catholic troops in the division. The division was also referred to as a “Croatian” formation although Himmler referred to it as a “Bosniak” or Bosnian Muslim formation.

On a tangential matter to the historic Croatian-Nazi affinity for Muslims — as well as to the related phenomenon of Nazis converting to Islam and Muslims being the heirs of the Third Reich — is yet another Nazi/Islam parallel: the gay thing.

Thanks to stories out of Afgaynistan last year about the dancing-boy parties and the phenomenon wherein one’s status is measured by how many “boys” one has, we recently learned that an even greater proportion of the Muslim male population than we thought, is gay. (And of course the Koran repeatedly encourages pedophilia, with an emphasis on young boys.) And yet, open homosexuality is proscribed and punishable by death in Muslim societies — while the majority (or at least a disproportionate minority) is homosexual, albeit not in name.

It appears that the same was the case with the Nazis, according to a book that World Net Daily has re-released:

Were Nazis a homosexual, pagan cult?
That’s the conclusion of updated classic ‘The Pink Swastika’

It’s a book that has been shunned from libraries.

It’s a book that is disturbing, compelling and persuasive on its major point – that homosexuals dominated the German Nazi Party from its birth through its catastrophic demise.

It’s a book that is vilified by America’s “gay” activist establishment.

But it’s also a highly footnoted, meticulously documented book whose primary sources include the best historical work on the rise and fall of the Third Reich.

“The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party” by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams challenges the notion that homosexuals were victimized during the Holocaust in ways comparable to the Jews. But it does much more than that. It also makes the case that the Nazi Party is best understood as a neo-pagan, homosexual cult.

From the party’s founding in a homosexual bar, “The Pink Swastika” introduces the reader to all the household names of Nazism – from Goebbels to Goering and Himmler to Hess – and their secrets of sexual perversion, one of the driving forces of their genocidal sadism.

“This is a deeply disturbing book,” said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, who recently added a new 4th edition of the book to the WND Superstore. “Perhaps not until very recently, with the mandating of open homosexuality in the military and the widespread promotion of same-sex marriage, could Americans have been expected to see the relevance of this remarkable work to their own society. We say, ‘never again.’ But do we mean it? Do we even understand what actually happened? I didn’t – until I read this book.”

“The Pink Swastika” also offers revealing quotations from Nazi leaders themselves that explain their religious bent, putting to the lie the notion that Hitler and his coterie had anything but contempt for Christianity.

It seems the Nazis sought first to destroy the Jews, but Christianity was next on the agenda.

The real target of the homosexual pagan cult of Nazism was Judeo-Christian morality, the book finds.

A widely circulated German publication, “Defilement of Race,” laid out the plan:

“Through the German soul and through unadulterated German blood, the world will be able to return to a state of health, but only after it has been freed from the curse of Judaism and of Christianity. … The mission of German nationality in the world is to free this world of Jews and Christians. … It is the very essence of Christianity … for all people to become ‘united in brotherhood.’ To achieve this, all barriers of race must fall. The maintenance of such barriers means the preservation of national individuality, which is essentially irreconcilable with the Christian aim of universal brotherhood. … Because this disintegration of racial culture has been consciously and systematically pursued by Christianity, and is still being pursued today, it is race defilement.”

Dietrich Hutton, the author of that screed, explained Nazis saw Judaism as the source of the wider problem that involved all the world’s Christians, too.

“The way in which Christianity is directed in the interests of world Jewry and its attitude toward Judaism is traceable to the undeniable fact that the founders and proclaimers of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were full-blooded Jews,” he wrote. “It cannot therefore be coincidence, or negligence or ignorance that consciously makes Christians … deviate from the fundamental tenets of conservating nationality and cultivating race. The reason for this is to defile non-Jewish races, weaken and destroy them so that Judaism, as the ‘chosen people,’ can … [erect] a world sovereignty on the ruins of the non-Jewish races, which Christianity has destroyed.”

“You will never look at Nazism or homosexuality the same way again after reading ‘The Pink Swastika,’” concludes Farah.

Already, only a few days after introducing this new edition of the book into the WND Superstore, Farah says homosexual bloggers and commentators have taken notice and “are pulling out the long knives of invective and abuse.”

“They say this book has been discredited,” Farah says. “But I’ve read the book and I’ve read all the criticism. The book more than stands up to all the attacks I’ve seen, most of which are completely baseless.”

In addition to Christianity being the common enemy of both Nazism and Islam, we also know that large elements within the gay community have a pathological hatred of Christianity. So again, this fits.

But dare I mention that other abettor of the Nazi world order — that other homosexuality-plagued entity that feels threatened by outside Christian denominations? That would be the Catholic Church. The same one which designated Jesus’s birthday Dec. 25th, which had until that point been a pagan holiday.

No, I dare not.


Well, not exactly an update as this item is from 2008. But it underscores my repeated point about jihadists and Nazis having a mutual affinity: German neo-Nazis view jihadists as allies (Oct. 11, 2008)

The organizers of the controversial anti-Islamization rally in Cologne last month have been widely described as neo-Nazis. However, in “German Neo-Nazis View Islamists as Allies,” at Pajamas Media, October 10 (thanks to all who sent this in), John Rosenthal discusses a recently revealed report from the domestic intelligence service of the German city-state of Hamburg that shows that genuine, open National Socialists actually despise the pro-Cologne group for being pro-Israel. They also don’t mind Islamic supremacism and the pending Islamization of Europe….A pro-Israel, anti-Islamization Nazi group? It doesn’t seem to add up — according to the Nazis themselves. There has been far too much superficial and polemical analysis of the “far-right” parties in Europe — with even people who are skeptical that a given group is neo-Nazi, neofascist, or white supremacist being tarred with those labels themselves, simply because of their skepticism. But here is something more solid to go on.

“When protesters in Cologne last month managed, with the blessing of the city government, to prevent the holding of an ‘Anti-Islamification Congress,’ the cancellation of the event was widely hailed in the German and international media as a victory against ‘right-wing extremists’ or, more simply put, ‘Nazis.’ (See here, for instance, from the English-language site of the German weekly Der Spiegel.)

“A new report from the domestic intelligence service of the German city-state of Hamburg shows, however, that actual neo-Nazi groups in Germany — i.e., groups that themselves embrace this description — in fact likewise opposed the ‘Anti-Islamification Congress’ and are notably hostile to its sponsor, the ‘citizens’ movement’ Pro-Cologne [Pro-Köln].

“While the neo-Nazis agitate against what they describe as Germany’s ‘flooding by foreigners’ — or ‘Überfremdung’ — they take precautions against criticizing Islamic influences or Islam as such, since the latter is rather ‘to be seen as an ally.’

“The report of the Hamburg intelligence service — known as the Office for the Protection of the Constitution [Verfassungsschutz] — points in particular to the hostility of the neo-Nazi North German Action Office to Pro-Cologne’s ‘Anti-Islamification’ campaign.

“As the report notes, for the North German Action Office [Aktionsbüro Norddeutschland], Islam, ‘globally considered,’ is to be regarded as ‘an ally against the mammonistic dominance of the American east coast.’ Allusions to the American ‘east coast’ are commonplace in Nazi discourse, with the expression meant to connote ‘Jewish’ domination of America and, by extension, the world.

“In a statement published on its website (German link) on September 25, five days after the ‘Anti-Islamification Congress’ was banned by Cologne municipal authorities, the North German Action Office writes more fully on the subject as follows: ‘Pro-Cologne’s superficial populism against Islam sends a completely wrong signal, about which only pro-Israeli circles could be happy. Whoever thinks things out more completely than the niche-populists of Pro-Cologne will clearly differentiate between the “Anti-Islamism” that is fostered by the establishment parties at the behest of the USA and the necessary fight against the policy of flooding Germany with foreigners [Überfremdungspolitik], whose authors are likewise the establishment parties. Islam is not the cause of the flood of foreigners, but only a particularly visible symptom. … The problem is the system, not the mosques. Inasmuch as it is a determined opponent of the western-plutocratic one-world policy, we regard Islam, globally considered, as an ally against the mammonistic dominance of the American east coast. The freedom of nations is not threatened by Islam, but rather by the imperialism of the USA and its vassals from Jerusalem to Berlin.’”