The media are still buzzing about Dan Quayle’s walkout a week ago from a John Mellencamp concert after Mellencamp dedicated a song to “all the poor people who’ve been ignored by the current administration.”

Really, will these artists, musicians and actors ever just go back to doing what they do best? Like drugs?

Today’s “stars” should take an example from the old-time movie stars. For example, Arthur Miller and acting teacher Lee Strasberg used to take Marilyn Monroe to all their Commie suarees, trying to corrupt her mind into taking up the cause. But they couldn’t do it. When Krushchev came here on a visit and requested an evening out with Marilyn, someone had to tell her who he was. Marilyn was like, “Khrushchev WHO??” That’s my girl! That’s what a movie star is supposed to be. That’s when stars knew how to be stars and actors knew their place.

How odd that Communism didn’t appeal to Marilyn. Surely instead of being in front of a camera she’d have preferred to be behind a plow.