In this short piece written after the shootings of four U.S. soldiers in Frankfurt by an Albanian, Srdja Trifkovic sorts out the ‘types’ of Albanians we have to deal with, and accurately outlines how the usual, predictable damage control will have gone down (and it did) — something we can again look forward to when the next Albanian kills Americans:

Kosovo’s Albanians we know from the news fall into two categories. One group consists of “Kosova’s” pro-Western, secular, democratic leaders with whom Hillary Clinton feels “honored to be friends and partners.” They are also, as the Western powers have known all along, mass murderers and organ harvesters, starting with “Prime Minister” Hashim Thaci. They are Europe’s leading drug smugglers, arms and people traffickers. They are among the world’s richest Mafia bosses — er, “controversial tycoons” — like “President” Behgjet Pacolli. They run the most lawless, violent, depraved entity in today’s Europe.

Another group of media-visible Kosovo Albanians are Islamic terrorists like Arif Uka (21) who was shouting Allahu Akbar! and Jihad, Jihad! as he opened fire in Frankfurt. This was an act of Islamic terrorism, of course, but the German authorities tried to pretend, at first, that this episode of Sudden Jihad Syndrome had nothing to do with terrorism.

It is to be expected that, in the same spirit, Frankfurt will be spinned by the mainstream media and Thaci’s friends and enablers — such as Mrs. Clinton — as follows:

• Lone gunman, perhaps deranged, or traumatized by “Serbian crimes against his people.”
• Kosovo Albanians are shocked, express grief and horror, eternal love for America.
• CAIR & Co. condemn the attack, warn against Islamophobia and hasty conclusions.
• This isolated incident does not reflect in any way on the nature of the “Kosovar” society.
• Even less does it justify questioning Kosovo’s “right to independence,” which is absolute.

We have been assured by successive U.S. administrations that Kosovo’s Albanians are largely secular. Thaci’s enablers insist that even when they desecrate and destroy Christian churches, they do it for reasons of “revenge” against the Serbs rather than Islam. When these Albanian “secularists” reveal themselves as Islamic terrorists, the episode is dismissed as untypical. Asking what this transformation bodes for a new Muslim state in the heart of Europe is still verboten in America, but no longer in Europe.

Dick Marty’s revelations about Thaci’s gory criminality and the latest instance of his émigré compatriots’ Jihadism should help unmask the web of lies and distortions that has guided U.S. policy in the Balkans for years. Should, but won’t. This is America, AD 2011.

In this Part 8 of a recent Italian documentary titled “The Truth about Kosovo: The Infinite War,” we see the two Albanian “types” coming together as one, with the narrator/journalist observing that “the drug paths are the same ones as those used by the Kosovo Albanian terrorists who are trying to destabilize the region.” As the narrator says this, you see and hear the Albanians shooting their guns and shouting “Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!”

But also note in the film that it takes an Italian journalist to finally bring us the phrase “Kosovo Albanian terrorists,” a term still proscribed in the U.S. A bit more of the narration from this part:

We will see them while they are training with their weapons. And these are military arsenals at their disposal. All these are arms that come through Kosovo passing by the inattentive [sic] eyes of NATO soldiers…Then we will see hundreds of mosques that emerged in Kosovo at places of destroyed churches. [Again, the foreign journalist seems to discern a ‘mystifying’ connection.] And, for the first time, we will document that al Qaeda training camps exist in the Balkans, in the heart of Europe, just an hour flight from Rome.

In a p.s. to this post from earlier in the month, about the plight of a non-criminal Albanian law enforcer, the documentary also mentions the killing of two Albanian police officers, including a woman, in 2003 — because they were tasked with investigating the murders of witnesses against Ramush Haradinaj, one of the former war criminal-prime ministers of Kosovo. In an interesting factoid in this documentary, we discover that the female Albanian cop — Sabate Tolaj — prior to enrolling as a cop, “was the first woman pilot of a fighter jet in the military air forces of ex Yugoslavia.”

Things were so bad for Albanians? Much better to be dead, or living under threat of being hunted down should you dare try to expose the criminals who led the campaign for your independence and now run this “free” Kosova.

On that point, and related to a blog post earlier this week, Kosovo did not always have its over-the-top trash problem that I have so much fun ragging on.

When Kosovo was administered by Yugoslavia, it was fundamentally functional. The trash problem became out of hand after Kosovo kicked out the host society. Now it resembles neighboring Albania, where waste isn’t properly dealt with. What could the connection be?

From a fellow blogger:

I remember reading, back in 2000 or thereabouts, that there was a major brouhaha about the very same thing. KFOR did a (short-lived) cleanup on the trash, on account of the fact that all of the garbage in Kosovo was creating a massive breeding ground for rats.

It seems to me that the promiscuous disposal of garbage and litter is the outward sign of a spiritual problem.

I believe that the murdered police officer Sabate Tolaj is the one that former OSCE security chief Tom Gambill was referring to here:

After six months of NATO presence, the violence aimed at the Serbs became less frequent, though grenade attacks, drive-by shootings and abductions continued as weekly occurrences for the next five years, according to Gambill. “Even as of a couple of weeks ago, it hasn’t stopped,” he added.

The perpetrators of ethnic violence were emboldened by a lack of functioning local police or a judiciary system, Gambill said. Even now, the “good cops” are threatened by former KLA members who are also on the police force. “One female cop, she was a real Serpico,” recalls Gambill. “She wouldn’t give up an investigation after being threatened. She was killed soon after being warned.”

Minorities are still denied health care by Albanian medical professionals, who quickly dominated the health care profession following the NATO bombing, Gambill said. He recounted an incident in which a Serb doctor was taken behind a building and shot in the back of the head. “Sometimes they had to take wounded Kosovar Serbs all the way to Serbia for medical aid,” said Gambill.

“Good cops,” who want to target the corruption are “under threat,” said Gambill, adding that the Albanian mafia maintains ties with Russian, Serbian, Croatian and Italian mafia organizations to further their common agendas.

I realized that I’ve blogged about Sabate Tolaj before, and that her name is actually spelled Sabahate. In this post, a Minnesota judge who had been working with her in Kosovo remembers her and mentions that Sabahate had been (predictably) a member of the KLA. So, predictably, she got swallowed up by the monster she helped create. I guess she paid the price of her KLA crimes and was her own victim. And I do have to add with a touch of sarcasm: True to Albanian form, it was real classy of her to take up arms against the state that gave her wings.