“Traitors are always exposed in the end, and in the end they are no safer and no more well-liked than the reviled nation they’ve betrayed.”

Now, I was writing about “Serbs” like Pavlovic and Simic and their betrayal of their nationhood, but look at the precise scenario above happening to a traitor of Western civilization via Israel-hatred, from Yahoo! News Alerts:

JERUSALEM (AP) Pro-Palestinian group says one of its activists apparently kidnapped by militant group in Gaza.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) Hamas officials say body of kidnapped Italian activist found in Gaza City.

That’s where Stockholm Syndrome gets you when the kidnappers you’re siding with against civilization are Islamic. And this has happened ad nauseum to pro-Palestinian journalists, filmmakers and activists (and parents of activists) in recent years, but I think this is the first time — at least in a decade — that the Westerner was actually killed. (If you don’t count this Italian activist who was fatally stabbed when mistaken for a Jew; his father accepted the stabber’s mother’s apology that “I’m sorry — he thought your son was Israeli.”)

Here is a 2006 kidnapped-journalist timeline by MSNBC:

Since we’re on the subject again of Jews and Serbs, meanwhile, there’s been an update to the Palestinian ploy to follow the Kosovo precedent. Though actually, the Palestinians are trying to go about it more legally than the “Kosovo precedent — which was so dastardly that it should make this more legit route much easier to accomplish for the Palestinians than it might otherwise have been:

Moshe Arens Warns of ‘False Alarm’ on Palestine Statehood

Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Moshe Arens warns that the Jewish state should not overreact to a threatened declaration of Palestinian statehood by the United Nations.

With U.S.-led peace talks stalled, the Palestinians have launched a campaign to seek international recognition of Palestinian statehood, and have indicated they might seek recognition from the General Assembly in the fall.

In an article published in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Arens notes that some in Israel are demanding that the country launch a “daring initiative” before the “political tsunami” of a statehood declaration strikes Israel in the fall.

But in his article headlined “Israel must not succumb to false diplomatic alarms,” Arens — who also served as Israel’s defense minister — writes, “States have never been created by U.N. declarations and never will be. For those who have forgotten, Israel was not created by U.N. resolution 181 in November 1947, but by David Ben-Gurion’s declaration of Israeli independence on May 15, 1948, and by the [Israeli Defense Force’s] ability to take and control the areas of the new state.

“A U.N. declaration, whether at the Security Council or the General Assembly, recognizing a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital . . . will be no more effective than Security Council resolution 1701, which prohibited Hezbollah from military operations in southern Lebanon, or General Assembly resolution 3379, which equated Zionism with racism.

“If this latest declaration is actually passed, it will merely serve as another reminder of the impotence of the United Nations and its irrelevance when it comes to dealing with international conflicts.”

Any real settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must include an end to hostilities and a capability on the part of the Palestinians of assuring that no acts of terror will be launched from territories that Israel turns over as part of the agreement, Arens states.

“The current Palestinian spokesman, or president if you like, Mahmoud Abbas, is not capable of satisfying either of these conditions,” Arens says.

“He certainly cannot be relied on to prevent acts of terror against Israel from those areas Israel would withdraw from.”

He adds: “Only when it is clear that the Israeli government is standing firm on its positions will the pressure on Israel be relaxed.”

Israeli President Shimon Peres echoed Arens’ sentiments in a recent discussion with diplomats at the International Peace Institute.

Regarding the possible U.N. declaration, Peres said: “I don’t believe this is a solution, because in order for the Palestinians to have independence, we have to give back land. And as we are ready to give back land, we expect that we shall guarantee [security for] our own people. We cannot have a crossfire from Gaza and the West Bank.”