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Hello again Julia, well as I told you before I’m Catholic, although I think that the Western Society has been very hard with the Serbs.

There’s no doubt that there’s a conspiracy against Serbia by the West, the West fostered the Euro as an official currency in Montenegro (when countries even within the European Union were not [yet using] it) for giving the Idea that Montenegro should be Independent from Serbia. Later in 2006 a manipulated referendum was promoted for the independence of Montenegro from the Federation, and in 2009 Montenegrin [was approved] as an official language when Serbian was always the official language even in the Kingdom of Montenegro. Inventing in 2009 a language that doesn’t exist.

It was obvious that the West fostered the Independence of Montenegro [to] leave Serbia without an outlet to the sea. I would ask my Italian friends if they would like their country fragmented in 20 new countries if we regard that [it] was never reunited until the 19th century and that there are about 20 real dialects in Italy that could be promoted with the status of real languages. I bet that Italians wouldn’t like that; that’s what the West is doing with Serbia.

Thank you for what you said to me: “You’re a good Christian for not thinking me anti-Catholic. It’s hard to convince people that I’m not anti-Catholic even when I condemn the historical actions of the Vatican. I understand that the Vatican is a mysterious operation even to the faithful, but they often take it personally when people speak or write against it. I adore Italian Catholics for standing up to the Vatican. And any Catholic who figured out what happened to the Serbs (with Vatican help) is truly exceptional, as you are.”

I’m gonna answer you: I’m Catholic but I have common sense and I recognize the historical crimes committed by the Catholic Church and lately the Church have admitted some mistakes committed by it, well of course that the Catholic authorities are corrupt, they hide many things, they don’t take measures to fight child sexual abuse etc., of course that the Catholic Church is a mysterious society, but it’s the Institution [that] fails, for me the most important it’s the Faith. I have recently discovered your articles and the fact that you condemn the historical actions of the Vatican is positive and I don’t take it as anti-Catholic because I try to be analytic.

For me Orthodox Christian people are our brothers as well as protestants, but I feel that there is an anti-Orthodox sentiment in the West sponsored by media and I don’t know why.

Julia, to me the the Real Danger is Islam!, and the U.S. government is contributing to its expansion by helping Bosnians, Albanians, Chechnyans, Dagestanis, Turkish, etc.

Islam is a criminal religion that orders the assassination of non-Islamics and their subjugation, a religion that violates human rights and mainly woman rights. The Sharya Law is absurd, stoning women for adultery?, cutting the thief’s hands?, what a horror my God!

I know that Muhammed was a pedophile, a polygamous, a criminal who expanded his religion by war, a man who massacred Jews and Christians.

I’m a Catholic Mexican and I haven’t been directly in contact with Islam, practically there is not Islam in Mexico but I know [a] few foreign people from Islamic countries here, what I know from Islam comes from from what I have observed since I was a teen, I started reading about Yugoslavia and I noticed that Kosovo, Bosnia and Macedonia (with a large Muslim population) were highly underdeveloped if compared with the rest of Yugoslavia, I observed the same with the Islamic Republics of the Soviet Union, they were very backward compared with the rest of Soviet Union, I also noticed a high birth rate in those Muslim regions, the development difference between Muslim and not Muslim populations was very huge in the same country (samples: Yugoslavia and Soviet Union).

It made me curious and I started reading about Islam but everything was twisted: like Islam a religion of peace, then I started reading the Koran (translated into Spanish) directly and I realized with my own eyes how Criminal and Medieval this religion. Only lately I started to find the truth about Islam on the Web.

I don’t want Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia into the European Union.

I don’t want the world to be like Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iran. And the terrorists intend to expand Islam through Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia, Chechnya, Dagestan. Their last goal is establishing a World Caliphate.

Sincerely yours!