As my source “Serbstvo” put it: Vatican beatifies Quran-kisser and Serb-hater Pope John Paul II.

“Pope John Paul II is handed the holy book of Islam, the Koran. He kisses it thereby symbolically accepting its doctrine that rejects the Holy Trinity and the divinity of Jesus.”

Flashback to four days ago:

Bosnia’s Muslims may honour late pope with monument for wartime support (AP, April 27)

They may not recognize him as a saint, but Muslims in Bosnia are considering honouring the late Pope John Paul II with a monument in the heart of Sarajevo.

Because of his support for inter-religious and intercultural dialogue, “I think that Pope John Paul II is one of the most important figures of the 20th century,” the head of the Bosnian Islamic Community, Mustafa Ceric, told The Associated Press.

Ceric prayed for world peace with the late pope in Assisi. [Except Ceric was of course praying for an Islamic world peace.]

The almost 90 per cent Muslim population [that] endured the brutal Serb siege [sic!] of Sarajevo during the 1992-95 war waited “every Sunday to hear his messages of hope,” as the pope never failed to call for an end of their suffering, Ceric said. [And to hell with the Christian suffering in this Muslim-wanted war.]

John Paul had wanted to visit Sarajevo at the height of the war in September 1994 but the trip was cancelled after the Serbs said they wouldn’t guarantee his safety. [It was otherwise generally expected that the Serbs do guarantee their demonizers’ and bombers’ safety. Meanwhile, that sentence is supposed to make you think it’s a reference to exclusively Serb bullets, rather than a chaotic war zone or the fact that the more dangerous element for a pope visiting Sarajevo was the Muslim fighters who were trying to turn Bosnia into an Islamic republic.]

He visited Sarajevo a year after the war ended and tens of thousands jammed the streets to welcome him. In front of the main Sarajevo Cathedral, he shook hands with the crowd and stroked the foreheads of weeping people, many of them Muslims.

City authorities are now considering erecting the statue in that location in front of the cathedral.

He visited Bosnia again in 2003, travelling to the predominantly Serb city of Banja Luka where he apologized for crimes committed by Roman Catholic Nazi supporters on Christian Orthodox Serbs during World War II. […]

Without, of course, visiting Jasenovac death camp and after beatifying Alojzije (Aloysius) Stepinac, whose portrait hangs alongside fuhrer Ante Pavelic’s in Croatian Cultural Centers across the globe.

So the beatification chain continues with great consistency: Hitler’s Pope, Pavelic’s Bishop, and the pope who endorsed them both and repeated their mistakes by taking the side of Ustasha cutthroats and Bosniak jihadists against their WWII victims, Christian-Orthodox Serbs.

I’ve mentioned before how the pope was brilliantly lampooned in an Aug. 14, 1993 cover illustration of Rome daily La Repubblieg, which had him standing atop a minaret, calling “Isus (Warren) Christopher, Save Us!” From Bill Dorich’s book The Suppressed Serbian Voice:

The Italian Press condemned Pope John Paul for blessing an American air assault on Serb positions and for asking President Clinton to launch it without delay. On 15 August 1993, Roman Catholic priest, Don Albino Bizzotto, founder of the Beati Construttovi di Pace peace and charity orgnization, has assessed the Pope’s call for air strikes on Bosnian Serbs as ‘disappointing’ and ‘double-dealing. “We cannot understand those who speak about mercy and military intervention at the same time, he said. Fr. Bizzotto went on to say: The pope’s behavior is like a leading big power, who tries to cure their hypocrisies and failures with armed interventions.”

Also fittingly (vis-a-vis Vatican solidarity with Serb-cutters and allies of Fascism), Serb-organ-harvester and Kosovo “prime minister” Hashim Thaci attended the beatification ceremony. Pope John Paul II had given an early endorsement to an independent Kosovo.

The Vatican is sanctifying someone who is arguably a traitor to Christianity, a pope who repeated the Vatican’s mistakes and sins of WWII. On that point, are we really supposed to believe that the Vatican stood up as much as it could to what was going on under Hitler? How can we believe this when the Vatican didn’t even object to the resurrection of Fascism in 1990s Croatia? What potential retaliation by Hitler was there to fear then? Instead, the Vatican endorsed 1990s Croatia whole-heartedly, rewarding its Ustasha resurrection with statehood — just as Hitler had done — and the world followed suit. As Freenation’s Rodney Atkinson pointed out in this video, today’s New World Order is essentially Hitler’s.