I’ve commended Bad Eagle’s David Yeagley before, and need to do so again. The following blog post was actually from a year ago — I missed it at the time — but it is an excellent synopsis of what’s going on:

Soros in Serbia: The Plot to Plunder

George Soros, the globalist billionaire who condemns the concept of nationhood, who actively seeks to dissolve nations of the world, has a crooked, crippling hand in Serbia. Soros is intimately involved in the international betrayal of Serbia, and the theft of the Serbian province of Kosovo.

Soros has “foundations” in Kosovo, and in Serbia…”Because of his ‘Quantum Fund’ that does business in Kosovo along with his weapons-dealing Carlyle Group, Soros wants to be free of any constraints by the Putin-sponsored Serbs…Soros has invested millions of dollars through his International Crisis Group in an effort to possess Trepca [zinc mine]. Oil interests also figure into an independent Kosovo….

Like most globalist visionaries, Soros professes a messianic calling to save the world, when all he’s really doing is taking financial advantage…[Soros] despises the idea of nationhood, and especially Christian nationhood. He believes that ethnicity is equivalent to tribalism, and…condemns human separatism as the cause of all social problems, and advocates the dissolution of all nations — in the name of a global government, in which he and those like him expect to have exalted positions of incomprehensible power.

The modus operandi, of course, are the NGOs (non-government organizations) — which exist entirely, exclusively, and precisely to overthrow existing governments and to replace them with globalist regimes under the control of the world elites. Soros is named as one of several who push their anti-nationhood, anti-sovereignty agendas through this means…

Indeed, the anti-Serbian NGO’s all work together…They are essentially the ACORN of the Balkans. In the name of “freedom” and “democracy,” their aim is to destroy the nation. In the name of “human rights,” they propose the deadliest tyranny of all. It’s the old Communist ploy, actually. In the name of “equality,” they assert their own control.

BadEagle.com has long recognized the cause of Serbia, the last of the Mohicans in Eastern Europe. The last barrier against the invasion and triumph of Islam…The West casually writes [off] Serbia as the cause of trouble in the Balkans, when the West is obviously interested in profits to be made.

Serbia then is attacked from two sides, both of which are apparently coming from one source: globalist profiteers. In the name of western democracy and freedom, western nations condemn Serbia, but they do so only in conjunction with globalist, anti-nationalist forces. I am most bewildered and sad to say, the United States is part of this anti-Serbian campaign. To this day, I consider this the most unfounded betrayal in the modern history of America. Globalists, whether Democrat (Clinton) or Republican (Bush) have all contributed to the [assault on] Serbian sovereignty. In their blind lust for power, the “Christian” globalist leaders are willing to let Islam smash a Christian nation, in order to profit thereby. Though the media scarcely mentions it, the Kosovo Independence phenomenon is simply about allowing Islamic Albania to get an upper hand over Christian Serbia.

To these globalist power players, nationhood and religion are just toys, manoeuvers, or techniques. There is nothing sacred about nationality, or ethnicity, or religion. As Soros preaches, that’s all tribalism, something to be overcome. Nationhood is something to advance beyond. Religion is something to rise above. It is time, globalists say, for the nations to surrender to the mild sway of the messianic elitists.

I must say, Soros bears a striking resemblance to the sadistic, misanthropic Nazi-reminiscent German doctor in the 2009 movie “The Human Centipede.” Which, come to think of it, is something of a metaphor for what Soros is trying to do to the world. The doctor’s dream was to create a single organism out of three separate individuals who had heretofore each had his or her own unique identity and functionality. By the end, one could not eat, go to the bathroom or make a move without the other two.

George Soros is a sick, sick man.