In this video you can see the two groups rehearsing together for a performance this Friday (today). The introduction reads:

The U.S. Army Europe Band and the Serbian Ministry of Defense Orchestra rehearse Dmitri Shostakovich’s Serbian Festive Overture at the Central Army Hall in Belgrade, Serbia, 9 May 2011. This is a joint rehearsal in preparation for the two joint concerts to be performed at the Topcider on 11 May 2011 and the National Theater in Belgrade on 13 May 2011

And then the U.S. will attack Serbia anyway.

I wonder if the orchestras will be playing as it does, providing the backdrop of classical music as during Hitler’s time.

(Disclaimer: The impending attack to subdue northern Mitrovica may be averted, or at least postponed, as talk of a possible land swap is again on the table: Presevo mayor Ragmi Mustafa last week said that three southern Serbian municipalities “have to” join Kosovo, and so northern Kosovo may be “given” to Serbia. I don’t know if he checked with the Pristina/Washington authorities on that one, but in other words: To keep a fraction of the land being stolen from it, Serbia has to give up more land.)