Wait — I mean Obama got Osama! At least I thought he did. But given Obama’s endorsement of pre-1967 Israeli borders, I’m not sure who won.

At first, the timing of the raid seemed clearly to shift focus from the photo-shopped birth certificate he finally released after pressure from Donald Trump (the raid happened within four days of the release, just as the public started to notice the certificate and ask questions; within a day, all that was forgotten). Now I’m wondering if the timing of the raid might not have been even more deliberate, giving him the political capital and anti-terror creds to let him give terror a leg up in the Middle East. (That should get his fallen Muslim cred back up.)

And here I was, left wondering after the raid how we’d make it up to the Muslim world — by allowing a little more Sharia here and there, or some additional privileged status or some other acceleration of the Islamization going on. With or without our pro-terror policies in Israel (and boy has Obama been laying it on thick this week), I’m sure the political class soon enough will find a way to squander and counteract the risk our boys took.

So, really, who needs Osama when you’ve got Obama? Maybe the most persistent typo of 2007-08 — oh, and 2011 — didn’t require correction. Was he just removing a rival?

Osama’s triumph — I mean, Obama’s triumph — also means less opposition when we do the next, less high-profile and smaller military operation — against Serbs in northern Mitrovica, Kosovo, on behalf of Albanian Muslims. The man has a mandate now. Americans will follow him to the ends of the earth, so certainly to the ends of Kosovo, which Americans don’t know or care about anyway — despite its being the site of our most recent pre-9/11 jihad. (Yes, our jihad.)

The twist is that we killed our best friend in the Balkans when we killed bin Laden. He’d only be a bad guy to us when he’d leave that region. Sort of like drinking, prostitution and sodomy isn’t allowed for Saudi sheiks when they’re in Saudi. But when they’re not, Allah apparently has no clue what they’re up to. (”Where’s Abdullah?! I could have sworn I just saw him boarding a plane a minute ago!”)

As for that “treasure trove of information” that’s been bandied about since the raid, I think the protocol on what to do with that is put it in storage or recycle it. Just like we did with the boxes of information that were recovered from the investigation of the Meir Kahane assassination. Those boxes had the 1993 and 2001 WTC plans and players right there — so we filed them. Then there’s all the evidence from the Oklahoma City bombing — oh wait, the FBI destroyed half of that and classified the rest. The USS Cole bombing also reaped a treasure trove of information that was promptly locked away and forgotten while bin Laden was reciting poetry about it. And those are just the ones we know about. I’m sure the Feds are using the Osama treasure trove for toilet paper as we speak.

But hey, as long as it helps Osama’s numbers, that’s all that counts, right? I mean Obama’s numbers.