So it turns out that Anthony Weiner’s wife is a Muslim who works for Hillary Clinton. This explains a lot. He must have figured that if she likes Hillary so much, then — like Hillary — she wouldn’t mind if he showed his pee-pee to others.

Given that the man who married them was Bill Clinton, their fate was pretty much sealed right there.

(Ever notice how people will often marry people who look exactly like them?)

Now, I haven’t been following this story or the one about the other prominent Jew and his Muslim. That would be IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the devout West African Muslim hotel maid he allegedly tried to rape. First, I must explain that it wasn’t his Jewishness that made him force himself on the woman, but his Frenchness. Jews don’t tend to be rapists, just perverts.

Not that French tend to be “rapists” per se; it’s just a hazier term there since declining sex isn’t normal or common, and so “rape” as such isn’t common.

Regardless, the news of the Jew trying to rape a Muslim should at least satisfy this woman, who won an award from Hebrew University for arguing that IDF soldiers NOT raping Muslim women is a form of racism.

In other words, Strauss-Kahn may be a rapist, but at least he’s no racist!