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Tadic welcomes “Greater Albania”
(June 3)

Serbian President Tadic told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that formation of Greater Albania is dangerous but that if done with dialogue with Serbia, he welcomes that outcome.

From his interview to FAZ translated via Google:

“As a unilateral intention of this plan is very dangerous, but we can live with it if we have agreed solutions. An agreement where all sides get something and creates a viable solution, peace and stability can be extremely helpful for all parties. I am opposed to the avoidance of solutions, but for dialogue and negotiations. I’m not saying that Greater Albania is a great solution. I do not believe that Greater Serbia is a good solution. Just as I am against the partition of Bosnia. I am against creating a policy that larger states. But let us try to find practical solutions to problems.”

Tadic: Great Albania, the solution for the conflict (June 4)

Union of Kosovo and Albania may be a solution to the perennial conflict said the Serbian President Boris Tadic for the German press. “Who knows how to interpret history, will recognize that the formation of a Great Albania was an Albanian political long term plan, ” Tadic told for the German newspaper FAZ.

According to Tadic, Greater Albania is a risky project, but may be part of a larger settlement and the Serbs “can live with this (resolution). ” [It’s probably the only way they’ll be allowed to live.]

German newspaper estimates that Tadic hinted that Belgrade expects in return for Kosovo, joining Serbian part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. /