So last week we learned that Serbia’s hijackers (the Tadic government) are impotently giving the go-ahead for a Greater Albanian to take shape. And this weekend we learn that Serbia is now accepting Kosovo passports. So now we just have to wait for the curtain to go down on the last part of the show — the supposed resistance to Kosovo’s separation and statehood. Unfortunately the Serbs in northern Mitrovica are the ones who will pay the heaviest price. Anyway, a Google translation of the passport story. I think the illustration below says it all.

Citizens of Kosovo allowed in Serbia with Kosovo passports

PRISTINA - The head of the Belgrade delegation in talks on technical issues with Pristina Borislav Stefanovic said today that the citizens of Kosovo can travel to Serbia with Kosovo passports.

Stefanovic, told Radio Dukagjini in Peja said that in future agreements to be much “useful stuff” for both sides, while not prejudging the status of Kosovo.

“I can say that there are many good things that will benefit all who live in Kosovo and eventually people will be able to travel freely and to exercise its rights and documents without prejudice to the status of Kosovo. This, I believe, affect our relationships to build greater trust and flexibility, as we were, as you know faced with many difficulties, “said Stefanovic.

He rejected the statement of head of the Pristina team Edita Tahiri to Serbian fears of dialogue. [Notice the Albanian side still finding something to complain about. It’s almost magic how they can keep finding grievances amid their unbroken string of victories — like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, or one of those endless scarves.]

“We do not want to delay, nor be afraid of this process. It was not just us but all the proposal to meet in late June, when we will have much better results, “said Stefanovic.

A spokeswoman for EU High Representative Catherine Ashton said Tuesday that the EU mediator in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Robert Cooper decided to postpone the end of June a new round of dialogue, intended for the middle of this month, to the two sides more time for possible agreements.