That gem of a quote came to us in 2007 from a National Guard “information officer” who was stupid enough to dispute the uncommon knowledge I was sharing on this blog. Below is just the latest church vandalism example, which I’m mentioning rather randomly, since I’ve long abandoned trying to keep track.

Albanians transform Serbian Orthodox church into toilet (Again.) (Serbian to English translation, June 6)

Orthodox church in the village Samodreza, near Vucitrn, dedicated to Beheading of St. John the Baptist, and known to be in it, according to tradition, Holy Communion army of Prince Lazar before the Battle of Kosovo, was again desecrated.

Strategic Kosovo Action Network (KSAM) announced today that the church a few days ago was again demolished, the brass doors of the church broken, and again turned into a public toilet and dump.

KSAM which brings together 70 Serbian non-governmental organizations strongly condemned the demolition of the church in Samodreza that continually runs and that has continued since the arrival of international forces in Kosovo in 1999. when the church was set on fire inside.

“The roof of this church was destroyed, the apse is pierced by large holes, glass windows and doors are broken, the bell tower and the wall around the church were destroyed and the interior has been converted into a public dump and toilet.”

Strategic Kosovo Action Network sent an appeal to the competent Kosovo institutions, the international community and local government in Vucitrn to as soon as possible protect the church from further Samodreza vandalism to build a firewall and in cooperation with the Serbian Orthodox Church, start the renewal.

KSAM recalls that the Albanian community in the past repeatedly blocked the process of rebuilding the church, and that Samodreza previously lived about twenty Serbian families who have emigrated from this village.

From the Church Bathroom Gallery: