“Serbstvo” reminds us that also this year German Nazi Peter Egner likewise died before his trial, in the United States.

(In case we needed reminding that nothing has changed between the 1930s and today, aside from technological advancement. Whether we’re talking about European fascists, or Muslim ones, it’s business as usual in the Free World.)

“I wonder if Hungary will finally convict Sandor Kepiro of war crimes against Serbs,” Serbstvo asks, adding, “Probably not, as the United States (Peter Egner), Austria (Milivoj Asner), and Hungary (Sandor Kepiro) and other countries are not interested in punishing Nazi war criminals that murdered Serbs. It’s no wonder that many of the last surviving Nazis are Serb-killers.”


From Monday:
Anger as WWII ‘killer’ dies in Austria

Austria has been branded as a “paradise for Nazis” after it emerged that an alleged war criminal deceased in a care home in Carinthia.

A spokesman for a Caritas retirement centre in Klagenfurt confirmed newspaper reports claiming that Milivoj Asner passed away today (Mon). He said the Croat perished aged 98 in the institution last week.

Asner is suspected of being behind the deportation of hundreds of Serbs, Roma and members of the Jewish community in Croatia’s Ustasa movement during World War Two (WWII). Asner changed his name to Georg Aschner after fleeing to Austria when the Communists took over his homeland in 1945. He received the Austrian citizenship the next year.

Asner lived in Carinthian capital Klagenfurt to his death. Austrian prosecutors opened a case against him due to occurrences in WWII in 2004 before Croatia demanded his extradition one year later. However, Asner was spared a trial due to his mental condition.

Juridical decision-makers in Austria asked a German expert to examine the suspected war criminal in 2009 after they were accused of having acted biased as several expert opinions established by Austrian doctors suggested Asner was not fit for legal procedures.

The debate over how to handle the issue intensified in 2008 when British journalists claimed Asner – who allegedly suffered from dementia – must be strong enough to go to court after spotting him at a fan zone in Klagenfurt during the European Football Championship.

Now Efraim Zuroff, the director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s office in Jerusalem, Israel, has claimed Austria was a “paradise for Nazis.”

“His decisive role in the killing of hundreds of Jewish people, Serbians and Roma in the Slavonian city of Prozega is evident,” the historian said today (Mon) after being informed that Asner has died.

Zuroff criticised juridical authorities in Austria for “assigning benevolent doctors” to judge Asner’s condition. The co-founder of “Operation: Last Chance” said their decisions helped the Croat-born ex-police chief to evade an extradition and a court case.

The historian – who has often been described as the world’s “Last Nazi Hunter” – called on all countries in the world to show “final urgent efforts” to bring WWII era criminals to justice. Asner was on number three of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of the 10 most wanted WWII crime suspects. Zuroff stressed Asner’s spot will be occupied by someone else “soon,” explaining that “many people are in waiting.”

Austria – which became part of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich in 1938 – has been widely criticised for allegedly failing to make a clean sweep considering residents’ involvements in wartime crimes in contrast to Germany and other countries. Many former army generals and diplomats suspected of supporting Nazi Germany’s genocide kept their high-ranking positions after 1945 or were reassigned by public institutions.

Isn’t it charming? The old Nazi (living openly in Austria, where he took in the Euro 2008 soccer championships) died in the care of a retirement home affiliated with the Catholic Caritas charity.

And Nazism STILL has nothing to do with the Catholic Church, right? Well, we already know that Caritas doesn’t care much for the Jewish State, and is involved in activism against it:

Fence keeping out Jew-killers: No good.

From NGO Monitor:

According to the Simon Weisenthal Center, The production and distribution of such political material may place Caritas in violation of its charitable tax status on donations made in North America, Western Europe and Australasia.”

The Simon Weisenthal Center also noted that the poster undoubtedly exacerbates Middle East-related antisemitism, justifies further attacks on Jewish targets under the sanctification cover of the Holy See and impugns Caritas’ credibility as an effective relief and unbiased relief agency.

And this

CESR coordinates research projects on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from its New York City and Gaza regional offices with a variety of organizations, including LAW , Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, B’Tselem, Palestinian Ministry of Education, UNRWA, Birzeit University, The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, Defense of Children International/Palestine Section, as well as Caritas, Center on Housing Rights and Evictions, and PENGON. As past NGO Monitor reports have documented, many of these NGOs are active in promoting the Durban strategy of demonization against Israel.

And this:

The “NGO Statement on International Protection”, drafted by “a wide range of NGOs” was presented at the Executive Committee in October. The NGO participants in the UNHCR Executive Committee session included Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, CARE International, CARITAS International, Oxfam International, BADIL and World Vision International, among others. The statement called on “all actors to redouble their efforts at addressing this [protection] gap for Palestinian refugees, beginning with their right of return in keeping with UN General Assembly Resolution 194, including the right to restitution and compensation.”

But let’s see what we can come up with in our Balkans file about Caritas. Why, here’s something:

Feminists in the U.S. were treated to a propaganda blitz about rapes allegedly carried out by Serbs. It had an electrifying effect. In the end, the radical group “Madre,” which previously supported Central American women, launched an emotional campaign to save thousands of Bosnian Muslim women allegedly raped by Bosnian Serb soldiers. Gloria Steinem lent the story respectability in Ms. Magazine. The N.Y. Times wrote that 20,000 to 50,000 Bosnian women had been raped, despite the fact that there was no substantiation for such numbers - except, of course, from the Bosnian Muslim “Ministry of Information.” Despite doubts expressed by Helsinki Watch, Human Rights Watch and respected individuals such as Simone Weil, the president of the European Parliament, the American media relied on the Bosnian War Crimes Commission and Caritas, the Catholic charity connected to the Croatian government, for verification of these outrageous claims…

– Alvin Dorfman and Heather Cottin, “U.S. Jews and the Balkan Situation,” Jewish Currents, April 1996

Caritas is also present in Kosovo, ministering to the minority Catholic Albanians there. That would seem reasonable, except when you consider that this ancient Orthodox-Serb land was marked for conquest by the Vatican from the beginning. Or if you consider this:

Vatican’s charity Caritas smuggled weapons to KLA, incl. mortars stolen from NATO bases in Germany. The consignee was a parish priest in Italy. One of three drivers of the convoy arrested by Italian customs had links to BND. Before Kosovo “independence” declaration, pope Benedict stated that Vatican would heed the international community. While using extreme Albanians to break Serbian-Orthodox influence, as Berlin did, high-powered Catholic clergy declared, “a new phase” can begin “with the independence” of Kosovo.

– Piotr Bein, “Mass Deception on Mass Violence: The Case of Serbs,” prepared for the International Comparative Genocide Research project of the Hiroshima City University, 2009

A similar note from UK blogger Neil Clark:

The Vatican gave massive diplomatic support to anti-Yugoslav forces & provided both money ($2 billion from the Knights of Malta to Tudjman) & weapons (Caritas was caught smuggling mortars & ground to air missiles allegedly stolen from NATO to the KLA). Their motivation was purely religious. Their ancient conflict with the Orthodox Church.

And in less recent but searingly relevant history, we have this declassified U.S. Army index card filing from 1953:

Pavelic, Ante
War criminal, who is believed to be in Argentina or Italy. Former ustasha leader, who directed the Croatian nationalist movement; this movement has sponsored an “information collecting agency” for operations in Yugoslavia and Austria under cover of the various Caritas offices in Austria.

– Unknown Document, U.S. Army, declassified, June 24, 1953

(Note: The introduction on the page where this document can be found online reads, “From the US Army File on Ante Pavelic: Another of the small, index card-sized files mixed among the papers of Pavelic’s dossier, this refers to a piece on Ustase subverting the Catholic refugee agency Caritas.” It is certainly possible that the charity was being “subverted,” but unfortunately it is just as possible that the misuse of the charity was done with the knowledge, collusion, or blind-eye-turning of its administrators. Much like all those Islamic “humanitarian organizations” that piled into Bosnia and Kosovo and were “subverted” by jihadists, right? Hell, why limit it to Bosnia and Kosovo? One could say the same about virtually any Islamic charity operating today: jihadist fronts. Other fascinating documents from the immediate post-WWII era here.)

Croatian Caritas was founded by Cardinal Stepinac himself, that great savior of a handful of Jews and Serbs who were trying to escape the Croatian genocide of Jews and Serbs which he oversaw, by a regime that he helped put in place.

The word “caritas,” of course, means love for all people, and here it is being used in context in an email from author Gabriel Wilensky, responding to a comment left under my 2010 article about the Vatican’s WWII role in genocide (the comment: “Can’t we just forgive and forget?”):

Yes, That JPost comment is remarkable. What is perhaps little known and equally as remarkable is the tremendous and effective effort of the Catholic Church to get war criminals out of Europe and to have the sentences of the ones caught either commuted or reduced. It is quite revolting, actually, to know that clergymen pushed the Allies very hard — supposedly in the spirit of Christian caritas — to get these savages off the hook. Same argument: too much suffering, can’t we just move on? they argued…

Catholic Caritas, then, makes little distinction between the killed and the killers, especially when the killers are promoting the “right” agenda.

And in the modern, NWO incarnation of Hitler’s vision, the word apparently plays a role as well:

The Nobel Committee’s award to Obama has been viewed by many, on the left and right, as a surprise. But it makes perfect sense. The committee noted that Obama “has as President created a new climate in international politics. Multilateral diplomacy has regained a central position, with emphasis on the role that the United Nations and other international institutions can play.” All of this is true. Obama has built up the power of global institutions at the expense of the United States.

While the Vatican statement congratulating Obama was also seen by some as a surprise, it too makes sense. The Vatican expressed the hope that “this most important recognition will ultimately encourage such a difficult but fundamental commitment for the future of humanity, so that it might bring the expected results.”

The “expected results” are evident when one considers that Pope Benedict, the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics, had endorsed a “World Political Authority,” a form of world government, in his recent encyclical “Caritas in Veritate.” This world political authority, in the Vatican view, is supposed to “manage the economy,” bring about “timely disarmament,” and ensure “food, security and peace.”

– Cliff Kincaid, “Vatican Backs Obama’s Global Agenda,” Accuracy in Media, Oct. 12, 2009