Following up on these two developments:

Tadic: Greater Albania done deal (June 16)

Speaking on the Serbian state TV, President Tadic said that “Greater Albania” is a reality.

“I am against the creation of large national states in the Balkans, as it produces far-reaching consequences, but even in those circumstances, Serbia has a solution if anyone in the international community is still inclined towards the creation of a greater Albania,” Tadic said.

He said that Serbia must seek “partnership” with great powers to gain something out of this deal that is done with.

“Serbia has no interest in freezing the problem, but rather in resolving it, and I believe that a solution can be found,” Tadic said.

“If we approach these issues in a traditional way by anchoring ourselves in our positions, we will be held responsible by the future generations, as we are creating a possibility for the conflict to burst out again” Tadic said.

Tadic said that partition of Kosovo is a legitimate approach.

Tadic’s comments come after the conclusion of NATO meeting in Belgrade that was characterized as productive.

Meanwhile, Serbian Defense Minister Sutabnovac, who hosted the NATO meeting, said yesterday that Serbia is working with NATO on revision of the so-called Kumanovo Agreement that is a governing document of military behavior after NATO conquered Kosovo for the Albanian separatists.

“Serbia has acquired capacity to relax that agreement that has worsened Serbia’s sovereignty even in the area of the so-called narrow Serbia,” Sutanovac said.

Sutanovac did not specify who gave Serbia the capacity or where was the capacity gotten from.


Is unification of Kosovo with Albania possible? The answer for now is “no.” Kosovars see themselves as more advanced and educated than Albania’s citizens. But should Kosovo’s ambition for international recognition continue to run into problems, and should its economic development suffer as a result, the balance could tip the other way. Paradoxically, the Serbs, who fear a “Greater Albania,” are the ones who should be rooting for independent Kosovo to succeed as a distinct state….

– December 3, 2009, Haaretz, “The Unfinished State,” by Shlomo Avineri, the unfinished brain