It’s almost as if she’s fighting against the jihad alone. Pamela Geller, the face of the resistance in America, is the single most responsible individual for having saved the life of Rifqa Bary, the then 16-year-old Ohio girl who converted to Christianity and had her life threatened by her Muslim father. Now Bary’s parents are suing Geller for defamation in a frivolous $10,000,000 lawsuit that is costing Geller and her pro bono lawyers thousands in travel and court fees. She had to fly to Ohio just this week to be deposed.

Nonetheless — in the midst of the unrelenting legal and media war on Geller and her partner Robert Spencer — there she sat at the airport after the deposition, cross-posting my blog about the Srebrenica fraud, sticking her neck out on an issue that earns lepers a whole new category of leprosy. Recently, it earned her a “Now she’s really done it” by an Atlantic Monthly writer and others.

As Geller relates in the video below, a week after Bary became headline news in 2009, a Florida girl named Fatima Abdallah was dead. More stunning, the very day that a Florida judge ordered Rifqa Bary back to her would-be murderous parents, a Tampa medical examiner ruled the death of the successfully honor-killed Fatima an “accidental suicide.” In other words, this politically sensitive case (because it was an honor killing) was doubly sensitive at the time, since the government was trying to send another young girl to the same fate — and didn’t want a boon to the side trying to save her.

Despite her legal hassles, Geller does not regret saving Rifqa’s life. But she needs help with her legal fund:

Posting will be light, as I am en route to Ohio to be deposed in the $10,000,000 lawfare lawsuit filed against me by Rifqa Bary’s parents’ lawyer. The jihad continues, but in case there is any doubt in anyone’s mind, I would do it all again the same exact way in a heartbeat, despite the cost, the hassle, and the burden of this frivolous lawsuit. We saved that girl’s life.

The legal expenses are in the mid-six figures. Robert Muise of The Thomas More Law Center and David Yerushalmi have been righteous. No one could handle this alone. They are representing me pro bono, and despite this, there are mounting out-of-pocket costs.

Please contribute to my legal fund. You can Paypal your contribution to and specify “legal defense.”

On Pamela’s homepage, along the border on the right is a “donate” button.

In a related development, Facebook recently shut down the page for the Geller-Spencer organization “Stop Islamization of America.” It certainly leaves one speechless that the Jewish-founded Facebook would be abetting the worldwide Jihad. SIOA has started a new Facebook page and is asking people to join.