Since my father (Serbian, now passed) was from Croatia, escaped in 1941, I sympathise with the cause of at least making Croatia admit its fascist past. The country had not done so, even trying to downplay Jasenovac concentration camp, the 3rd biggest in WW2.

The Catholic NAZI Pope (he was in the Hitler Youth! so it is a correct nomenclature) on his recent trip to Croatia said to the EU “let Croatia join” and it was done. [This] bodes darker days for Europe, both Jews and Orthodox Christians when the Pope is so politically influential.

We also have the NAZI Cardinal of Croatia Stepinac on the verge of beatification. Will the [Pope] make Hitler a saint? After all, he was good for Germans, and a Catholic…


After my reply, Namaan further wrote:

Unfortunately, this is never black and white, and many people on all the sides have blood on their hands, yet only Serbs are blamed. Look at the ICTY, most indictees have been Serbs, yet Serbs have suffered most, including murder, detention, persecution, expulsion, genocide, theft of land and property, etc.. The last time I checked it was not a “war crime” to defend your country against terrorism, yet this applies to Serbs, and in the last 20 years, there have been mass exoduses from Croatia, KosMet, and even form Serbia into the Diaspora.

There are many parallels between Hebrews and Serbs, although the Serbian history is only known from the 6th century AD, not for 4,000 years: a large Diaspora, constant war and fight against Islam. This is not because we hate Muslims (Yugoslavia was a very tolerant country with many minorities), but because Muslims have become polarised by external influences like, for example, Mujahadeen fighters in Bosnia. The U.S. ignored this until it became an issue after 9/11 when they turned on Americans.

I am British of Serbian heritage, living in Germany, working for a US company. My mother is also Serbian, but from Bosnia.

I just wanted to say if it were not for WW2, I would probably have been born in Yugoslavia, and so would many others whose parents were forced to flee. A war in the Balkans is only ever a generation or two away.

My uncle (father’s brother) had his house attacked in 1995 during Operation Storm and his only tractor was destroyed, luckily no-one was hurt, but the animosity is still there. We drove through the village and area in 2004, and it still looked like a war zone, with many houses destroyed.

Croatia never really had to admit its NAZI past (as you know, many Jews were also slaughtered in Jasenovac, as well as the children’s (!) death camp in Sisak), and the denial and revisionism going on there now, like naming city squares after NAZI’s and downgrading the numbers murdered, would be called “Holocaust Denial” in most western countries. In fact, if Jews were not murdered in Croatia in WW2, there would probably never have been any admittance of Serbs murdered there, too (we are despised by people who do not know us, know nothing about our history and traditions, including our uneasy existence with European Islam).

But, Islam is another matter; if Germany or France used the same “democratic” rules they forced on Kosovo and Metohija, then there would be a Turkish part of Germany and an Arab part of France, both these groups being about 10% of the population (and growing). The rule of Democracy is being, and will be, tested here too.

Note: While it may be unfair to recall the current pope’s early years in the Hitler Youth, it is of extraordinarily symbolic significance, given that we are in an era when Jews and Serbs are again targeted minorities — and “politically incorrect” nations — and in an era that is seeing the realization of the Nazi-laid dream of a united Europe, with Germany at the top and including a Croatia that was openly fascist when the Vatican led support for it in the 90s. In such an era — when every state including the Vatican and every leader large and small bends over backwards to appease the new horror sweeping the lands, zealously eschewing all the WWII lessons about appeasement — would it have been too much to ask the College of Cardinals to pick a candidate who was not in the Hitler Youth? But no, we must believe that this pope’s poor record of performance on Jewish issues is purely coincidental.