UPDATE: Kahrs is closing his Serbtrade.no site, and so the Serbian Whitepaper on organized crime and terrorism in Kosovo mentioned here will redirect here and here, and the relevant links for his apology are now available here.


I received this a few months ago and have been meaning to post it. It relates to this earlier blog.

Dear Ms. Gorin,

Thanks for writing comments about my apology.

I can get into some of the points you raise later on, but I have some updated links you can use. For my English apology, I made it available on http://serbtrade.no/2011/apology/. I have edited the text and added the following:

However, it is not clear to what extent Albanian leaders influenced their own people to seek refuge in Albania and Macedonia to make the bombing continue.

The Serbian version is available on http://serbtrade.no/2011/izvinjenje/. Here the Serbian readers can read the foreword for my upcoming book and a table of contents how I am planning it today.

– Kristian Kahrs