Little Green Footballs yesterday carried a radio interview with General Lewis MacKenzie, a Canadian who served as the first UN commander in Bosnia. He related that, based on emails from one of the Canadian UN peacekeepers killed at the UN post in Lebanon, he understood Hezbollah to be using the UN post as a shield from which to fire into Israel.

The tactic is a familiar one to General MacKenzie, who has written of the Bosnian Muslims and Albanian Muslims doing the same thing. Here’s the pattern, as outlined in Peter Brock’s stunning book Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting, Journalism and Tragedy in Yugoslavia: The UN declares a safe haven, the Bosnians/Hezbollah/Albanians (fill in blank) use it to attack Serbs/Israelis/Serbs (fill in the blank), then the Serbs/Israelis respond, and the Bosnians/Lebanese/Albanians accuse them of war crimes and call for international intervention.

Fool us once (in Bosnia), shame on you. Fool us twice (in Kosovo), shame on us. At least for Israel’s sake, we won’t be fooled. But it’s too late for the Serbs, as we continue to dismember their country and cripple their security. Well America — how does it feel to be outsmarted by Bosnians and Albanians?