Kosovo’s Organ-Harvester-in-Chief Rings NASDAQ Opening Bell, Stocks Plummet.

A month after Wall St. Journal published Kosovo’s terrorist prime minister Hashim Thaci, the Heroin-Trafficker-in-Chief got to ring the opening bell at NASDAQ on Thursday.

In a year when he fixed elections, was implicated in his KLA murder-for-organs scheme, and was outed by various media watchdogs to be suppressing the press, mobster/torturer/murderer Thaci — occasionally wanted by Interpol and almost barred from entering this country save for diplomatic immunity — is here with bells on. These photos of beaming American ignoramuses flanking the Witness-Intimidator-in-Chief who rules by corruption and fear are a metaphor for what the “free world” has become:

The Prime Minister of Kosovo Rings The NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell

Now check out the summary article about the “prime minister” which NASDAQ printed below the pictures. Not a word about any of the myriad investigations connected to him, just the hero version of Thaci. That’s because the summary comes directly from Thaci’s office:

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, will visit the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York City’s Times Square to officially ring The NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell.

Following the victory of the Democratic Party of Kosova in the parliamentary elections of 17 November 2007, Hashim Thaci was elected Prime Minister of the Government of Kosova on 9 January 2008.

On 17 February 2008, Prime Minister Thaci, in the Assembly of Kosova, declared Kosova as an independent, sovereign and democratic state. Mr. Hashim Thaci is the first Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Kosova.

Mr. Hashim Thaci is one of the main founders of the Kosova Liberation Army (1992). During the war (1998-1999), Mr. Thaci was the political chief of the Kosova Liberation Army. From March 1999 until January 2000, Mr. Hashim Thaci was Prime Minister of the Provisional Government of Kosova (Unity Government). During this period, he was active in intensive political and diplomatic activities in the major world centers in the U.S. and the Western Europe.

Following the conclusion of the war in 1999, as a Prime Minister of the Provisional Government of Kosova, Mr. Thaci led the negotiations with the international community which resulted in the signing of the Agreement on the Transformation of the KLA into a Kosova Protection Corps (TMK).

Mr. Thaci was elected member of the Assembly of Kosova on three consecutive terms. He is the political leader with the biggest number of votes won in the last parliamentary elections in Kosova.

Since 1999, Mr. Hashim Thaci promoted and defended the Kosovar cause through numerous lectures and speeches given in dozens of prestigious universities and institutions in the West. He also published many editorials and articles in the local, regional and international press.

He speaks English and German. He was born on 24 April 1968 in Buroj village of Skenderaj.

Several giveaways that this article was printed word-for-word, without any editing by NASDAQ, directly from Thaci’s staff: First, a phrase: “the Western Europe.” The superfluous article in front of “Western Europe” is a well-known Eastern Europeanism. Second, the folks at NASDAQ didn’t even bother to Americanize the date: from “24 April 1968″ to “April 24th, 1968.” Third, and most blatantly, you will notice that even the State Department has been pacing itself in its fulfillment of the full Albanian agenda by being careful to not yet change “Kosovo” to “Kosova” in its official literature and dealings. I’ve set my internal DVR to record the moment that this changes and we start seeing “Kosova” enter the American language lexicon and make its way into our officials’ speeches and our media’s pages. NASDAQ has the distinction of being the first media organ to formally condition us to the terrorist pronunciation.

Caveat: While Bill Clinton told us in 1999 that the “correct” pronunciation of this Serbian word was the Albanian one — Kosova (because he had been “reading up on the region”) — our government had not formally switched to the “correct” pronunciation, so as to maintain the semblance of a “process” to bestowing this piece of land upon Albanians. And so in our media, it’s still been “Kosovo.” (The only exception being, to my knowledge, The New York Review of Books, which was on-program as early as 2000, even if somewhat critical.)

Interestingly, on Thursday when Lurch rang the bell, the stock market lurched downward. As well it should.

That bell isn’t ringing, America. It’s tolling.

Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty has stated that Switzerland has known for years about outgoing Kosovo Prime Minister Hasim Taci’s alleged involvement in drug and organ trafficking and even banned him from entering the country.

Authoritative news website from Boston USA, Global Post, after a three-month investigation, describes Kosovo as a country of organized crime and corruption. Everything, according to this web site has occurred with the knowledge of senior U.S. officials.The protagonist’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, according to Global office can not take on a common visa to enter the U.S.

“If the Minister wants to visit U.S. again could not get any visa other than diplomatic visa, which gives him immunity,” a source told Global government office.

The United States does not permit foreign nationals to enter the country if they have outstanding charges related to human rights.

“Thaci told people close to him that now he is anxious to travel abroad because of fear that can be arrested in any foreign country.”

Like a penny stock, “Kosova” is small, volatile, unpredictable, and may come and go — whether it’s absorbed into Greater Albania, or its recognitions are rescinded, or its status stays frozen. The problems with penny stocks, according to NASDAQ — which doesn’t trade in them– are:

1. Lack of information available to the public.
2. Much of the information available is typically not from credible sources.
3. The companies are newly formed or approaching bankruptcy or both.
4. They have a poor track record or none at all.
5. They do not fulfill the minimum standards to remain on the exchange.

Kosovo is a penny state and does not qualify to be present at NASDAQ.

But thanks to the summary about the godfather of the mafia society and criminal state soon to be officially known by the terrorist pronunciation “Kosova,” something occurred to me that hadn’t previously. Other than Albanian, “he speaks English and German.”

If that doesn’t say it all.

Heil Hitler.

Photos by Zef Nikolla