…I just read your commentary on Thaci getting to ring the bell at NASDAQ, and I agree with you that the press release text was prepared by none other than Thaci’s propaganda squad back in Pristina. The main reason I believe this, besides the use of the Albanian usurpation of the Serbian toponym “Kosovo”, is the listing of his birthplace being in “Skenderaj” municipality. As you may know, Fuhrer Thaci was actually born in the municipality of SRBICA. I am quite sure that the Albanians wish to erase this name from Thaci’s bio as it is obviously derived from “Srb” or “Srbi”. How could the “Prime Minister” of the so-called “Republic of “Kosova” have been born in an area named after the rightful owners of the land who gave their name to it, the people who he helped to forcibly remove through terrorism and the help of the US/NATO?

Crazy revisionist, history-bending Albanians do not know when to quit. I think they should take a closer look at the toponym “Skenderaj” and realize that their beloved Gjergj Kastriot a.k.a. Iskander or Skanderbeg himself converted back to Christianity [Catholicism] from Islam and fought against the Ottomans along with the Balsici and others in order to throw off their yokes. Maybe Thaci and his delusional followers can follow Skenderbeg’s example and revert to their original faith and reach a conciliation with the Serbs, but I know this to be an impossible task because of the status they derive from being “poor and oppressed” Muslims in the midst of a “hostile” Orthodox region. I also know that a welcome change could not happen because it does not matter if an Albanian is Muslim, Catholic, or even Orthodox; to them their greatest centripetal association is being Albanian, religious affiliation being but mere window dressing. Take the case of the loser Catholic Joseph DioGuardi who hates Serbs, has burned the Serbian flag in front of the Serbian Embassy in DC, and who has been the Albanians’ man in American political circles for decades. You just know that the American politicians who support the Albanians are bought because there seems to be no logical reason why a so-called “freedom-loving” nation as America would support such thugs.

Indeed, I’ve often thought: If Skenderbeg is such a hero to Albanians, then they should follow his example and convert back from what the Ottomans he fought had foisted on them. But who wants to lose all that Ottoman gold flowing into the region, or to piss off America, which needs Albanians to stay majority Muslim — so that “jihadists everywhere take note” of our good will.

Besides, it’s easier said than done. As Chris Deliso reminds us:

Rallying a decade ago under the nationalist banner of “one nation, three religions,” the paramilitary KLA claimed support from Muslim, Catholic, and Orthodox Albanians during its war in Kosovo. Today, while most Albanians still do feel their ethnicity strongly, religious tensions have nevertheless been growing. In october 2003, police arrested author Kastriot Myftari, charging him with inciting religious hatred against Muslims for writing that Albanian Muslims should convert to Catholicism.