From Ivana in Serbia, Feb. 19, 2008

Dear Julia,

First of all, I thank you for everything that you did and that you’re doing for Serbia. Unfortunately, even though the voice you have risen was loud and just, Government of your country has failed to recognize the danger of not only breaking almost every international law known to men, but the danger of creating a new Islamic rogue state in the heart of Europe as well.

People like you inspired me to try and persuade Serbs, who are today feeling more humiliated than ever before, that US politics has nothing to do with the people of United States and their opinion on my country. That’s a hard thing to do, almost impossible today. How am I to explain that US acted like a big strong bully hired by Albanian mobsters and drug dealers but that the real truth is that the majority of Americans does not want to be involved in Balkan matters? Who’s gonna believe me? I have trouble convincing myself.

While US planes were dropping bombs on Serbia, I remember Mrs. Albright saying: “Americans don’t hate Serbs”. Today, when the part of Serbia is being abducted, White House tells us that “we should be friends because after all, we were allies in WWII.” I believe that I speak in the name of all Serbs when I say: “Please… don’t be our friends anymore. Your “friendship” has brought us nothing but pain, humiliation and destruction.”

And as for present situation in Serbia… It is hard to describe the anger, bitterness, helplessness and sadness that we all feel. Our entire belief in international law, sanity, democracy and justice is falling apart. It seems clear that no matter what we do, or not do, we are not fit to be considered as an equal state in international community. Yes, we are the “mean and bad Serbs” - the cause of this world’s every misery. You can drop uranium bombs on us (just like in 1999.), you can take part of our territory and give it away to terrorists… To sum it up, American policy when comes to Serbs is: “When you spot a Serb, FIRE AT WILL”. And we’re fed up. What’s the use of proving that we’re right, when no one cares?

There’s nothing else for us to do right now but to learn a valuable lesson from Jews. Never ever give up and keep the faith. Right now, Serbs are writing their very own “Hatikvah”. One day we’ll be back in our Holy Land, and we’ll be nation once again. Until that day comes, we shall remain dignified, and we shall not forget what “Uncle Sam” did to us. But even in the moment of our greatest despair and struggle, we shall not forget the brave ones, like you and Mr. Jatras, who stood up for us when we were in the
middle of everyone’s crosshairs.

Once again, thank you. God bless.
Ivana, Serbia