From D Perich:

Please keep up the good work and do not tire…My last name is of Serbian origin because my father’s parents emigrated from there about 1920. He was born here. I never considered myself anything but an American. When I read the news of “genocide” going on there, I was horrified and glad I had no connections with my father’s heritage.

I began reading your comments a few years ago and was at first skeptical and confused. When 9/11 happened, I recognized that the Islamicist enemy had adopted a Jujitsu warfare strategy. Jujitsu, in case anyone is unfamiliar with the term, is one of the martial arts that specializes in using an opponent’s own strengths and inertia against him.

Islam is using this philosophy at every opportunity and not only with our planes, but with our media and politics to get us to fall on our faces. We seem to oblige them over and over again.

Anyway, I began to see these methods in your descriptions of the Albanian agression against the Serbs and in what I read about Hezbolah and Israel. It all began to make sense.

Don’t become discouraged. It may seem as though your words are in vain at times. Millions might die before this is resolved, but make no mistake…You will have a great impact on the future of the world.

And from Dejan D:

Dear Julia Gorin

I would like to say that I have been reading your articles since the death of Milosevic with a bitter content, I will try to explain.

Firstly; I believe that the reason why most western countries supported non-Serbian countries during the collapse of Yugoslavia was not because the westerners were more sympathetic towards Catholics or Muslims but rather because they understood why they fought. It was quite simple; Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia (later Albanians in “Kosova”) wanted independence, everyone understood that but they didn’t understand why Serbia, Republika Srpska and Srpska Krajina fought. Very few in the west tried to understand the history behind the Serbs’ will and reason to fight. They saw it as 3 groups of people wanting independence and one group of people not allowing that. That is my theory as too why western media was so one-sided during the Balkan wars.

[Note: Dejan is only partly right; there was a very blatant and admitted pro-Muslim bent, along with myriad other factors.]

I would like to thank you and other non-Serbian authors who have written on behalf of Serbs, to understand why Yugoslavia fell apart but unfortunately it is way too late, 16 years of anti-Serb propaganda will not change the minds of anyone who already believes in it. I have grown up within a society that accepts it as a norm; almost everyone in the west, including several Serbs in Serbia have a subconscious Serbophobic outlook on anything that deals with the Serbian people. As much as I respect you trying to right the wrongs of your country and others, it is pointless and you might as well stop, no one will listen.

Regards, Dejan D.

From Jovan P:

Dear Julia Gorin,

I’m very happy and encouraged to see that you stand for the truth better than most ethnic Serbs, as I am, do. It particularly gives me delight to see, hear and read that you…have no prejudices regarding Serbs, their past, their characters and their problems. I would like to thank you for that!

The thing that I don’t understand is why hold the Serb side? Why inform the world about the genocides in Croatia? …I mean, from the Serbs you won’t (I’m pretty sure) get money, nor financial support, nor will you be elected as a congressman, nor will you get great media attention, and especially in some tomorrow’s Democratic government, they SURELY won’t pick you for an “expert on Balkans”. And besides, as you wrote, the Serbs are the losing side.

The only thing you can get, is gratitude and a clear conscience. Tell me, is it worth it?