From Predrag:

Dear Julia:

I started to visit your site on daily basis and can’t believe (for you being american) how good is your understanding of balkans and how you succeed to present it on such a funny way.

For first few months I was sure that you have some serbian background for understanding balkan situation that well:) Of course it takes only a common logic and basic history knowledge of balkans to understand it, but if you live in western country it’s unusual to think about such a matter that much…

I am 33yo serb from Belgrade and watching what happens on balkans since 1988 when it all start and I still having a problem to understand how things gone this bad for Serbia.

West going to give our land to muslims which look and live like some medieval muslim tribe. That is not something that started just yesterday.

In 1997 I was in US embassy in Belgrade to get visa for your (must say great) country. And it was something that takes me to sit in waiting room two days for 8 hrs; I was even asked to bring some photos taken during my work as a proof that I am a waiter (I was going to Miami, FL to embark cruise ship). On the other side there was counter No7 (last one)…and it was only for woman that wear that “dimije” or “shalvare” (traditional pants of muslim woman) on their legs and scarfs on their heads (in August), basically they looked like they come straight from tehran.

Those womens are just coming in and going out like waiting room don’t mean nothing for them.

After few days I got my visa and in those two days I saw dozens of them — asian-look people getting their visas with no waiting at all!!!

Now, I wonder why it happens that way, it’s hard for me to believe that they are more desirable to come to USA than me or some other serb that looks just like any other white american.

Also, I can’t believe that someone in USA government have goal to make Serbia, which supposed to be natural ally of USA (it didn’t needed CIA to make our two countries ally in both world wars), enemy of USA…I am kind of “americanophile” (from a chetnik family)

…Anyway, I enjoy your site very much and want to thank you for doing it. Scuz my english…