The lone Jewish state will pay the price of a second Albanian state in Kosovo.

A leftist Jew recently wrote a very cogent piece — especially in comparison to the mainstream Right and Left — which exposes the outlaw behavior of the U.S. in Kosovo. While he supports the Kosovo precedent being used today (as promised) to push through a Palestinian state — and I do not support it — his logic is correct. Indeed, it’s the logic that caused me to drop my life in 1999, seeing that the assault on Serbia would be repeated against Israel.

From al-Jazeera, here is an excerpt from Zoltan Grossman’s Sept. 23rd piece “Why Kosovo But Not Palestine?” (omitted are his error-pocked accounts of the 90s conflict and deeper Kosovo history):

In his September 21 speech to the United Nations, President Obama announced that he would veto U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state, because its independence was not a result of a negotiated settlement with Israel. He said that “peace depends upon compromise among people who must live together long after our…votes have been tallied….That’s the lesson of Sudan, where a negotiated settlement led to an independent state. And that is and will be the path to a Palestinian state — negotiations between the parties.”

But President Obama neglected to mention a recent prominent example of unilateral independence, the State of Kosovo, which was recognized by the United States three years ago — even though its statehood did not come about through a negotiated settlement with Serbia. If an independent state of Palestine should only be recognized with Israel’s approval, then why did the U.S. recognize the independence of Kosovo in 2008, over the objections of Serbia? Why recognize Kosovo but not Palestine?

Like Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat first declared Palestinian sovereignty in 1988, Kosovar Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova first declared Kosovo independent in 1990. No foreign powers recognized Kosovo at that time, but 127 UN member states have since recognized the State of Palestine.

Whereas the prevailing mythology in the United States is that Clinton bombed former Yugoslavia to stop ethnic cleansing, people in the Balkans understand that U.S. forces intervened against Serb ethnic cleansers [sic], but intervened on the side of Croat and Albanian ethnic cleansers. After the fighting was over, NATO rubberstamped the results on the ground of these forced removals, and deemed the silence of the graveyard a “lasting peace.”

Kosovo’s parliament redeclared independence in 2008, in a move that was boycotted by Kosovo Serb delegates. So far, 83 [now 85] UN member states (including the U.S.) have recognized Kosovo — 44 fewer than the total members states that have recognized Palestine.

Serbia has a stronger legal case than Israel to object to unilateral independence, and not only because of Kosovo’s expulsion of most Serbs. Kosovo was not only recognized as a part of Yugoslavia before the 1990s, not as a Yugoslav republic of its own, but as a province within the republic of Serbia. On the other hand, the West Bank and Gaza (not to mention Israeli-annexed East Jerusalem) have never been recognized as a part of Israel. In addition, after coming to power, KLA fighters blatantly endangered the security of neighboring states, by seeking to militarily “liberate” ethnic Albanians in western Macedonia and Serbia’s Presevo Valley. [Recall: “Kosovars” have “no designs on any more territory…Kosovo is not a lethal threat to the surrounding countries.” — genius Jonathan Tobin, Commentary magazine]

Serbia and Israel have remarkably similar messages toward the West. They contend that their military occupations [sic] have been justified to prevent a repeat of the genocide directed against them in World War II. (The Palestinians had nothing to do with this genocide, though Croatia and Albania were allied with the Axis Powers.)…

The difference is that the Israeli lobby in Washington is far stronger than the Serbian lobby…The KLA has long been implicated in heroin trafficking…Former KLA commanders, including Prime Minister Hashim Thaci (who led the Croatian Army’s 1995 ethnic cleansing of Serbs) [sic: that was different U.S.-installed Kosovo “prime minister,” Agim Ceku] have even been accused of trafficking in human organs. Kosovo is also a notorious center of sex trafficking in the Balkans, especially as Western troops have been stationed there. Whatever the veracity of any of these particular charges, none of them have prevented U.S. support for Kosovo’s independence.

Senior adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Yasser Abed Rabbo, cited Kosovo’s example for unilateral independence when he said, “Kosovo is not better than us. We are worthy of independence before them and we ask for backing from the United States and European Union.” Meanwhile, Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman categorically refused to recognize Kosovo, claiming that its independence is a “sensitive issue” that should be part of “a really comprehensive and peaceful solution” established through negotiations. So both the Palestinians and Israelis are consistent in their consideration of Kosovo’s example. The party that is not consistent is the United States, which with one hand recognizes a new state, and with the other hand blocks another new state.

The United Nations has not recognized Kosovo because it would set a negative precedent for unilateral secession around the world. Many states in the Arab League and European Union, on the other hand, view Kosovo as a positive precedent for Palestine. Some governments may oppose sovereignty for both Kosovo and Palestine. But the U.S. is virtually alone in its backing for the State of Kosovo, while at the same time hypocritically blocking a State of Palestine.

Americans should start asking President Obama: if Kosovo has a right to exist, why doesn’t Palestine also have a right to exist?

ANSWER: Because the Big, Bad West fears Albanian fury more than it does Palestinian fury. Ergo, Kosovo with 85 recognitions is a “country” (with an EU future!) while Palestine with 127 recognitions is not.

In pointing out Grossman’s “remarkably thorough presentation of the similarities and differences of the statehood claims of Palestinian Arabs and Kosovo Albanians,” Jim Jatras added the following:

What is not noted as explicitly as it might have been is that it was the single-minded, heedless, pigheaded, arrogant insistence of the United States (or rather, of the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations) on the absolute and nonnegotiable “right” of Kosovo Albanians to have an independent state that, to a significant degree, has set the stage for the current predicament and isolation the United States now finds itself in with respect to the Palestinian State issue at the UN today.

Indeed, one often tries to convey the enormity of the political capital expended by the U.S. on this seemingly insignificant tract of land called Kosovo, obscure and forgotten to most Americans, leaving us with a reduced standing and credibility on much bigger issues. Christian prophecies that describe the America of the future as insignificant, as barely a player, will be able to trace that sad fact back to Kosovo. Most immediately, as Jatras points out, it’s Israel that will pay the price of America’s reduced political capital. (Related: See my 2008 piece “How Kosovo will get Israel Nuked“)

But Jatras also offers an interesting legal footnote to Grossman’s piece:

UN General Assembly Resolution 181 of 1947 — which can be considered one of Israel’s founding documents — declared that “independent Arab and Jewish states…shall come into existence in Palestine,” mandating in principle for the creation of two states, though not specifying how (for example, through negotiations) either would come into being — “but in any case not later than 1 October 1948.” Thirty-three states including U.S. voted in favor of the resolution.

By contrast, no resolution of the UN, either of the Security Council or General Assembly, ever has mentioned an independent Kosovo state. Quite to the contrary, the ruling UNSCR 1244 of 1999 specifies Kosovo is an autonomous province of Yugoslavia, succeeded by Serbia.

But since we are an “exceptional” nation, we evidently think we can mandate what we want, violate any laws or rules we don’t care for, and not concern ourselves about the consequences. The United States sowed “Kosovo.” Now we reap “Palestine.”

Below is a related news item from Sept. 21 — and notice that the threat was noticed enough for the Daily Mail to make a headline of it, while the far more constant threats issued by Albanians to get us to Kosovo independence never made the headlines:

“‘The only alternative is violence’: Palestinian fury after Obama urges them to drop U.N. independence bid” (UK Daily Mail, Sept. 21)

Barack Obama triggered fury among Palestinians tonight just hours after he pushed them to withdraw their United Nations independence bid.

Nabeel Shaath, a senior adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said after Mr Obama’s speech to the General Assembly in New York that going to the U.N. is the ‘only alternative to violence’.

During the President’s speech, a Palestinian representative was caught on television shaking his head when Mr Obama said the Palestinians and Israelis must learn to ’see the world through the other’s eyes’.

Hours after Mr Obama’s address, a top Palestinian official said Mr Abbas had no plans to agree to a delayed vote on his bid for membership in the U.N. - rejecting mounting pressure from the U.S. and France.

The Palestinians plan to submit their application on Friday when Mr Abbas is to speak to the General Assembly, but he faced a withering lack of support as the world body opened its annual meeting.

Mr Obama said there could be no ‘shortcuts’ in the quest for Middle East peace – but Mr Abbas’s senior aide Saeb Erekat stated: ‘We will not allow any political manoeuvring on this issue’

With Mr Obama at his side, the Israeli premier said the Palestinian bid to appeal directly to the U.N. was a short cut that ‘will not succeed’. […]

But it worked for the “Kosovars”!

Oh wait, their far shorter cut skipped the UN all together, and simply declared statehood. And that was just fine with us. Apparently, the Palestinians are going about this entirely too civilized-like.

Finally, from late August, we have what would be called a conspiracy theory today but reality tomorrow. Indeed, this self-proclaimed “conspiracy theory” is exactly the scenario that Italy’s former ambassador to Israel, Gian Paolo Cavarai, warned then foreign minister Ariel Sharon of in 1999, when NATO rained fire on Yugoslavia — convincing Sharon to try to convince American-Jewish leaders to oppose the bombing campaign. Sharon did so, but to no avail.

NATO vs Israel: Actions Supports Conspiracy Theory

Are the uprisings in the Middle East all part of a NATO conspiracy against Israel, the only democracy in the region? Confidential Reporter has a basketful of facts, figures and players — including George Soros — to back up the contention. Readers might do well to remember, “A conspiracy theory is just news that you haven’t seen on your TV yet.”

The Conspiracy to Use NATO Against Israel (Foreign Confidential ™, Aug. 28)

A chilling, admittedly rushed early warning from Foreign Confidential™ analysts … upon information and belief, as lawyers like to say.

A once unthinkable conspiracy is afoot — to deploy NATO forces against a strategic U.S. ally that is also the only democracy in the Middle East.

The country is Israel, of course, the tiny Jewish State that has never known a day of peace since its miraculous rebirth in its ancient homeland.

The Conspirators

The three (European-born) authors of the anti-Israel conspiracy are Jimmy Carter’s former National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama foreign policy advisor Samantha Power, and her patron, George Soros, the anti-Zionist, leftwing billionaire. Brzezinski, who was the architect of the Carter administration’s intervention in Afghanistan on the side of Islamist warlords — before and in order to bring about the Soviet invasion of that country — and the brain behind the administration’s catastrophic complicity in the Islamist overthrow of Iran’s pro-American, modernizing monarch, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, has advocated U.S. downing of Israeli warplanes if Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear installations without Washington’s approval. Power has proposed using U.S. and United Nations troops to impose a “Responsibility to Protect” (Palestinians) solution on Israel.

The Longterm Objective

The conspiracy’s longterm objective is to use the R2P doctrine and the Kosovo-inspired intervention in Libya’s civil war — on the side of Al Qaeda-connected Islamists — as a precedent for forcing Israel to withdraw to indefensible borders in order to create a “contiguous Palestinian state,” as Obama put it in a recent speech….It is further understood that Hamas will emerge as the ruler of the combined, new entity, and that this inherently irredentist mini-state will eventually merge with a Muslim Brotherhood-ruled country in what is now the Kingdom of Jordan following the inevitable overthrow of the Jordanian monarchy, thus creating an Islamist Palestine on both sides of the river Jordan that will ultimately “liberate” all of Palestine — meaning, the destruction of Israel, whose very existence the conspirators regard as a historic “mistake” and the root cause of regional instability.

The Crucial Player

NATO-member Turkey, Obama’s model Islamocracy, is a crucial player in the plot. Turkey’s Prime Minister recently called for U.N. airstrikes on Israel. More important, Turkey is a major military power and a potential existential threat to Israel, especially given a scenario in which Israel would be forced to defend itself on at least two land fronts–i.e. against Egypt and Jordan/Palestine.

Like their Shiite Islamist Iranian rivals, Turkey’s Sunni Islamist leaders have adopted an imperialist foreign policy….But Turkish imperialism, in contrast with Iranian imperialism, is supported by the Obama administration…hoping to use a Greater Turkey as both a bulwark against a nuclear-armed Iran and a sword against resurgent Russia and rising China and their strengthening ties…. Political and overlapping organized and state Islam is the tool; the vast energy resources of Central Asia, the prize; countering Russia and dismembering China, by stirring rebellion among restive Muslims, priceless! (Click here to read more about this new version of the Great Game.)

The Unknown Factor

Syria is the unknown factor — a potential spoiler whose actions could actually facilitate and accelerate the conspiracy, causing its implementation in the coming months, as shocking as this may seem… Turkey has hinted at intervening in the Muslim Brotherhood-backed, Sunni, majority, Syrian uprising against the…Assad regime; and Obama has explicitly called for Assad’s resignation. When push comes to shove, Syria could attack Israel to get back at the United States and muddy the waters. Damascus and Tehran have already indirectly attacked Israel, using Egyptian Islamist and Gaza-based, Palestinian Islamist terrorists as proxies, in order to distract attention from the Syrian regime’s atrocities and brutality. This year’s cross-border, Nakba-Day riots were similarly orchestrated by Syria and Iran.

An Israeli response to a direct Syrian assault would most likely bring Iranian proxies Hezbollah and Hamas into the conflict, and, quite possibly, Iran, itself, which has repeatedly vowed to “burn Tel Aviv” and bomb Israel’s Negev nuclear reactor. Should Israeli population centers come under heavy missile bombardment, crushing Israeli airstrikes against Gaza and Lebanese targets…would almost certainly result in international condemnation of Israel (the only [sic] nation that is not allowed to defend itself) and thunderous calls for UN action against the Jewish State, setting the stage for another phony R2P intervention.

NATO against Israel?

It’s a horrible thought. But history has time and again shown that the unthinkable can happen.