A hearty Muslim “thanks” to the USA for setting up an Islamic state in the heart of Europe. What took so long? Other Bosnian Muslims were much more timely with their thanks.

Breaking News (but still not a breaking story that we fought for Jihad in 1990s Bosnia):

Terrorist Attack Outside US Embassy in Bosnia (Friday, Oct. - AP)

A man armed with hand grenades and an automatic weapon opened fire outside the U.S. Embassy in Bosnia Friday in what authorities called a terrorist attack. A policeman and the gunman were wounded, but the embassy said none of its employees was hurt.

Sarajevo Mayor Alija Behmen said the gunman “got off a tram with a Kalashnikov and started shooting at the American Embassy.” Witnesses told Bosnian television that the man urged pedestrians to move away, saying he was targeting only the embassy.

He wore a beard and was dressed in an outfit with short pants that reveal his ankles — typical for followers of the conservative Wahhabi branch of Islam.

One police officer guarding the building was wounded before police surrounded the gunman. After a 30-minute standoff, the sound of a single shot echoed and AP video showed the shooter slump to the ground.

Police arrested the wounded man — who one of Bosnia’s three presidents said is a foreigner — and took him away in an ambulance as pedestrians cowered behind buildings and vehicles. Hospital spokeswoman Biljana Jandric told The Associated Press the gunman had a minor wound to his leg, and would spend the night at the hospital before being released into police custody.

State Prosecutor Dubravko Campara identified the shooter as Mevlid Jasarevic, from Novi Pazar, the administrative capital of the southern Serbian region of Sandzak, who was tried in Austria for robbery in 2005.

Campara said Jasarevic had crossed the Serbian border into Bosnia Friday morning. He said Jasarevic had two hand grenades with him when he was arrested and is also currently under investigation by Serbian police, but did not detail why.

(It can only be because Serbs are racist, right? Why, any Serbian investigation is surely political rather than legitimate policing and a cautionary tale for the rest of us.)

Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic confirmed his identity and said he is 23 years old. Bosnian TV said Jasarevic is a Wahhabi follower. [He’d been briefly arrested last November after being deemed a threat to visiting dignitaries.]

Western intelligence reports have alleged that the tense, impoverished area of Sandzak, along with Muslim-dominated regions in Bosnia, are rich ground for recruiting so-called “white al-Qaida” — Muslims with Western features who could easily blend into European or U.S. cities and carry out attacks.

The Islamic extremists joined Bosnia’s 1992-95 war for independence. They were largely tolerated by the U.S. and the West because of their opposition to late Serbia’s strongman Slobodan Milosevic’s quest to create “Greater Serbia” out of the former Yugoslav republics. [Which was a purposeful Western concoction, so the question remains: Why did the West support jihad in Bosnia?]

Bakir Izetbegovic, one of Bosnia’s three presidents, issued a statement condemning “the terrorist attack on the embassy of the United States.”

“The United States is a proven friend of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Its government and its people supported us in the most difficult moments in our history and nobody has the right to jeopardize our relations,” he said.

i.e. The spin is already beginning. Quoting Izetbegovic Jr. (son of the fundamentalist Bosnian president we supported) about how he just LOVES America. The next step should be identifying the shooter as a “Serbian citizen,” then the standard blaming of “Serbian aggression and genocide” for his deeds.


NY Daily News: “US Embassy in Bosnia Under Fire: Serbian Terrorist in Custody

(That’s a screen shot link since the headline has since been changed; it must have been too blatantly mendacious even for an MSM rag like the Daily News. Thanks to Gray Falcon comment poster “Bruce Canada” for picking it up.)

And how about this:

“Bosnia’s state prosecutor identified the bearded man, armed with a Kalashnikov automatic rifle, as 23-year-old Mevludin Jasarevic, a Serbian citizen from the mainly Muslim town of Novi Pazar.”

Courtesy of Reuters: Gunman attacks U.S. embassy in Bosnia (Oct. 28)

A suspected radical Islamist fired on the U.S. embassy in the center of the Bosnian capital with an assault rifle on Friday in an attack that lasted 30 minutes.

Bosnia’s state prosecutor identified the bearded man, armed with a Kalashnikov automatic rifle, as 23-year-old Mevludin Jasarevic, a Serbian citizen from the mainly Muslim town of Novi Pazar…[Jasarevic] was convicted of robbery in Austria in 2005 and deported to Serbia…Campara said the prosecution had worked closely with Serbian security officials on the case. [IMAGINE! Working closely with a “war criminal” outfit!]

Almir Dzuvo, the director of Bosnia’s OSA information and security agency, said that Jasarevic had visited a community of hardline Wahhabi Islamists in northern Bosnia earlier this year.

“He crossed the border this morning, came into Bosnia and committed a terrorist act,” Dzuvo said. He declined to say whether Jasarevic had had accomplices in Bosnia. [Of course he declined to say. The official Bosnian line is that “there are no terrorists operating in Bosnia.” Just ask chief mufti Mustafa Ceric.]

Bosnia, which was torn apart by war between Bosnian Muslims, Croats and Serbs in 1992-95 as Yugoslavia collapsed, is a close ally of the United States in the turbulent Balkans.

Take note, Americans: Between Christian Serbs, Catholic Croats, and Muslims, America’s “close ally” in the Balkans is the third. Get this: The former two share intelligence to help fend off attacks on us from the latter, so we can pretend they’re our friends.

Bakir Izetbegovic, the Muslim member of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency, condemned the attack, saying the United States was a “proven friend” of Bosnia. [There that is again.]

“This is a shot at the friendship between America and Bosnia-Herzegovina, this is a shot at Bosnia,” Izetbegovic told reporters. “This is a great temptation for Bosnia.”

Police spokesman Irfan Nefic said one police officer had been seriously wounded and had been operated on.

The U.S. embassy in Sarajevo, a mainly Muslim city, closed briefly in March 2002 citing an unspecified threat, but the building has not come under attack before.

In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland thanked the Bosnian police for stopping the attack….

Yes, thanks to official Bosnia for keeping up a good show.

Below is some analysis from Nebojsa Malic (links added): Is It Jihad Yet?

…Because Jasarevic is from Novi Pazar, a town in Serbia, odds are the mainstream Western media will describe this as a “Serbian attack”, or at least identify him as “Serbian citizen.” This would be horribly misleading, of course, but that hasn’t stopped them before.

Here are some things to keep in mind here, before the spin distorts them:

* Salafi missionaries came to Bosnia during the war, with tacit approval and even assistance of the U.S., to get the “wayward” Bosnian Muslims in line and wage jihad against the Serb and Croat “infidels.”

* There are 150,000 or so Muslims in the Raska region of southwestern Serbia (which they call “Sanjak”, a term going back to Ottoman days). Their religious leader, mufti Muamer Zukorlic, was appointed by the top Islamic cleric of Bosnia and has been stirring up trouble and preaching violence and hate for several years. In this, he enjoys the support of many foreign governments ( “Friends of Sanjak”), including the U.S.

* Jasarevic may technically be a citizen of Serbia, but he is wanted there on charges of terrorism. He left Serbia last year, and settled in the Salafi commune of Gornja Maoca in northern Bosnia. Until it was ethnically cleansed during the Bosnian War, it used to be a Serb village called Karavlasi. [Bosnian and Serbian police have raided the village in the aftermath of the attack; the same village was raided soon after 9/11, and then again last year.]

In addition to terrorizing any Christians (Serbs or Croats) they may come across, the Salafi frequently harass ordinary Bosnian Muslims, who by and large follow the Hanafi school of Islam. The Hanafi approach accepts local customs and is what made coexistence with Christians in the past possible in the first place. Salafists dismiss this as heresy and preach absolute intolerance of any who do not follow their ways.

Anyway, just watch: Jasarevic will be described as a lone lunatic, his motives will be “unknown”, and there will be no mention of jihad or Islamic terrorism. The notion that the Salafists in Bosnia may be nurturing terrorists who threaten American lives runs counter to the mainstream narrative of innocent Muslims being victims of evil Serbs, and is therefore thoughtcrime.


Novi Pazar first hit my radar in 2006, when local Wahhabis violently broke up a concert there (since real Islam doesn’t allow music). It was the kind of obscure Balkans news item that only we Balkans observers deigned to hear about. But now, five years later, it seems the inevitable has happened yet again: Americans are being forced to learn some Balkans vocabulary, this time the words Novi Pazar and Sandzak. (Just like they have to re-learn the word “Kosovo” every time another Albanian from there tries to kill, or does kill, Americans.)

Or…I’m sorry…was the trouble in Sandzak not supposed to reach anything American — after America balkanized the Balkans? (See from 2008 “Bosnian Wahhabis Could Hit U.S., NATO“)

Anyway, since they’ll be hearing from Sandzak/Sanjak again and again, for the rest of their lives, Americans really should start to get a Balkans vocabulary. And 50 years later, we’ll still have the Clintons to thank for it. Along with almost 100% of the American reading public, who still stubbornly insist that our anti-Serb policies are correct and we did the right thing in Bosnia…only a little late. (We were “late” supporting the jihadists there.) An aside: Refreshingly, it seems one American — no less from the conservative punditry, which otherwise myopically swallows everything the liberal presses have fed it from the Balkans — seems to have finally figured Bosnia out. John Rosenthal’s June column is a must read.

One factoid that Americans might want to ask their government about is why the American ambassador has Ramadan dinner in Sandzak every year. Indeed, as Malic pointed out, that troubled little region in southwestern Serbia where Jasarevic is from is where U.S. and Co. are egging on Zukorlic, the protege ofmoderateBosnian Mufti Mustafa Ceric, to declare independence. (Kosovo being of course the “last” part of Yugoslavia’s dissolution, according to the media cheerleaders of that secession in 2008.)

Closing with a flashback to an August blog detailing previous installments of a little-watched drama that could be titled “From the Balkans, with Thanks”:

[Let’s just ignore] the Bosnian connection to [the London and Madrid attacks].

Don’t start asking what investigators were doing in Bosnia and Kosovo in the wake of the 7/7 Tube bombings, or what took U.S. investigators to Albania, out of which bin Laden was operating in 1998, and to Bosnia after 9/11. On which subject, never mind any Bosnian officialslinks to 9/11 or the Bosnia leg of the preparations for it. Ignore 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s connection to Bosnia (he was gifted citizenship), where he and Mohamed Atta lived prior to 9/11. (And where Hamas trained, incidentally.) Don’t try to deduce what it is about Bosnia which, according to the 9/11 Commission and others, globalized al Qaeda and which causes it to appear on almost every international report about terrorist threats.

Who cares why in October 2001 U.S. troops found, in a Kabul mansion hideout, Oklahoma City-style bomb instructions written by a Bosnian al Qaeda soldier. Or why at least one Bosnian passport was found in a Kabul house that had been used by fleeing Taliban. Shrug at why Bosnia is a thriving market for DVDs of American troops being killed in Iraq or why, according to Bosnian TV, “US Army members are threatened by local jihadists.”

Never mind the Bosnian connection to five of the 9/11 hijackers who had either trained or fought in Bosnia, or the Bosnia-hatched and Serb-disrupted plot to attack world leaders at the pope’s funeral in 2005. Never mind the Bosnian and two Albanians of the North Carolina Eight who were targeting a Marine base and countries including Israel….Never mind the very direct Bosnian connection to a Georgia man convicted in 2009 of aiding terror groups, or the Bosnian arrested last year for his role in the plan to bomb NYC commuters. Never mind the Bosnian “connection” to an international Bosnia-based terror plot thwarted in 2008. Don’t ask how a program to recruit and train Muslims to kill Serbs in Bosnia could morph into a plan to blow up New York’s Lincoln and Holland tunnels and the UN and FBI buildings, “embroiling U.S. military veterans in a jihadist circle with links to al-Qaeda and to a stunningly ambitious homegrown plot to kill thousands of innocent victims in New York City.”

And why take it from a former al Qaeda officer that Bosnian Muslims “play a significant role” in al Qaeda cells? Don’t listen when he talks about how official Bosnia was giving out passports like candy during the war it started (including to bin Laden, enabling him to travel to other countries and organize 9/11 and other attacks), and advising the mujahideen to marry Bosnian women so they could stay after the war…

Never mind the Bosnian Muslim who made an apparent dry run into the U.S. embassy in Vienna in 2007, or the Bosnian Muslims arrested for plans to blow up Catholic churches and internationals in Bosnia (a suicide bomb belt was found along with guns and 20 kg of explosives), or the ones caught targeting European embassies to protest the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Don’t trouble yourself about the…foiled plots against Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, one disrupted by a polygraph administered to an Albanian terrorist and another with its nexus in [Sandzak].

And don’t worry about the 15 Bosnians and Albanians that Serbia charged in 2007 with a planned attack on the U.S. embassy in Belgrade — one of many collaborative efforts between Albanian and Bosnian Muslims to carve the Sandzak out of Montenegro and Serbia for Greater Islam. [And] pay no attention to the American veteran of the Bosnia war, who pled guilty to helping train fellow al Qaeda agents to carry out bombings at European tourist resorts frequented by Americans, as well as at US military bases, embassies and consular offices in Europe.