Below is an imperfect Google translation from the Greek American News Agency. (See here for past references to the Greek leg of the bloody, ongoing imperial Albanian siege to recreate Greater Albania — Northern Epirus, or “Chameria/Tsamouria”.)

DISCLOSURE OF SHOCK! Albanians in New York raise question of Tsamouri! Where is the organized Greek community??

…As we reveal today, the day that Americans celebrate at the federal level every second Monday in October, the days of Christopher Columbus (Columbus Day) and accurately Monday, October 10 (2011) Albanians and Kosovars of America belonging to the so-called “Black-Red Alliance ” (Red and Black Alliance) made ​​a highly provocative act against Greece.

During the magnificent parade in 5th avenue in NY, which includes almost all the ethnic communities…and displayed throughout America, the Kosovar Albanians and supporters of the idea of “greater Albania” circulated with flags that included the “Great Albania” and the Greek Tsamouria.

The involvement of this challenging group dynamic presence fanatics Kosovar Albanians and the most popular holiday for Americans and run largely by Italians and Spaniards, Albanians and Kosovars to pioneer and leader in America fanatic Kreshnik Spahiu participated in this great parade with a central huge banner that read “Chameria is Albanian!” The banner was at the center of the parade and held [by a] group of young Albanians and Kosovar Albanian groups followed 100s and Kosovars who danced and chanted slogans and great Albania and enslaved Greek Tsamouria!

Indeed the previous day in promotional TV spot on local Albanian channel called the world to participate in the parade on the Avenue 5 with slogans like “Come to shout about our Tsamouria”, “Patriots come to show who owns the Tsamouria” and other equally provocative slogans like speaks Albanian to Albanian language in the rhythmic sounds of rap music. See and listen carefully to what the announcer says in the video documentary that reveals today. You do not need to know Albanian clear what he says. Give only a little attention to the speaker and watch the images on video.

During the grand parade to celebrate honor and commemorating Christopher Columbus, the 5th Avenue, which is considered one of the largest in America and especially in NY Albanians caused by slogans against Greece waving the Albanian flag with the map of greater Albania and focused point of Tsamouri the Greek Thessaly. Here another great quote from the great parade on the day of Christopher Columbus.

These images are snapshots not only saw the thousands of spectators and tourists who watched the parade in honor of Christopher Columbus saw a sizable portion of the American public of the major American television networks.