The following item caught my eye in a newsletter sent out by Libertas, the Los Angeles-based group that runs the conservative-minded Liberty Film Festival along with the online Libertas Film Magazine:

And here are a few Libertas posts from this week for your reading enjoyment:

David Ross’ witty review of Matt Damon’s “We Bought A Zoo”. Joe Bendel’s compelling reviews of official submissions for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar: Italy’s Oscar submission “Terraferma” and Serbia’s Oscar submission “Montevideo.”

I was happy to see something Serbian mentioned in America in a positive and creative — non-political — context. Nonetheless, I braced myself for the inevitable which, in an otherwise nice review, came in the form of the following sentence:

Still, given recent history in the Balkans, the occasional flash of nationalism remains a little scary, as when the crowd spontaneously bursts into the Serbian anthem after a pivotal game.

It’s not as bad as what we’re used to, but it was still enough to tick me off, and so I left the following comment (still awaiting approval since last night):

God forbid that Serbs should sing their national anthem after a game, or in any other context. Lord knows we don’t sing our national anthem, much less at sports events, right? What was billed to gullible Western audiences by the 1990s pro-Muslim media as “nationalism” was self-defense against a jihad and worse. It’s a bit past time that at least conservatives figured that much out. You should also stop confusing identity with nationalism. That confusion has made it easy to smear those still fighting the David-and-Goliath battle for Christian Kosovo…as “nationalists” or “pro-nationalists.” The same thing being done to those still trying to hold onto Jerusalem. It’s a parallel situation, and my fellow Jews would have been wise to pay a little more attention to the world’s coordinated effort to strip the Serbian identity while doing Islamic bidding in the Balkans.

But one certainly isn’t surprised to see yet another American with scant knowledge of the Balkans — rather, with exclusively the propagandized “knowledge” that we swallowed whole by a media which conservatives otherwise don’t trust — unable to bring himself to write a positive piece concerning Serbia without injecting the obligatory, ubiquitous mention of that mythical menace of “serbianationalism.” The threat just keeps us all awake at night, don’t it? Unlike the Serbs’ Bosnian and Albanian tormentors, who have long since moved on to Western targets. (Or did the folks at Libertas not hear about the Kosovo-born Albanian who shot 5 American servicemen in Frankfurt in March, killing two? Or the Bosnian Muslim who shot at the U.S. embassy in Sarajevo a couple months ago? How about the Albanians and Bosnians involved in Daniel Boyd’s North Carolina Eight? Or the four Albanian Muslims who were part of the 2007 Ft. Dix plot “to kill as many American soldiers as possible”? Might Sulejman Talovic be a familiar name to a conservative outfit like this? Of course not. They’re hawks except, as always, when the Balkans are concerned. But that’s the Bosnian Muslim teenager who shot nine Americans for Valentine’s Day in 2007, killing 5. Now tell me how many Christian Serb ‘nationalists’ have targeted Americans since we bombed them back to the stone age? Even in retaliation. So far zero.)

If serbianationalism is/was disturbing, good god what shall we call the Croatians who by 1991 had renamed their streets for Croatian Nazis, re-appointed the still living ones to government and military posts, revived their Nazi-era currency and flag, started selling swastikas on the streets, unilaterally seceded and told the Serbs living there for four centuries that they were suddenly citizens of Croatia and not Yugoslavia, with an official second-class constitutional status? (The Croatian-Nazi regime, by the way, was called “Ustasha,” and this is probably the first time Libertas is hearing it.) Sorry, but without an army they would have been killed overnight as they were in WWII; instead, they were just ethnically cleansed. But apparently that’s not nationalist. Nor, it seems, is our ally the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which during its war for ethnic purification was cutting throats of Serbs, Roma, Montenegrins, Croats and Albanian “collaborators” (e.g. federal postal workers) in Kosovo before Belgrade finally came in to root them out, which we called “racism, nationalism, butchery, ethnic cleansing and genocide.” Just wait ’til it starts happening all around us here. And if and when Washington grudgingly responds, maybe Russia can get all of NATO to bomb our asses after a carefully crafted media campaign that Washington was the aggressor.

Three relevant quotes for you:

NYT, July 12, 1982 —

“The nationalists have a two-point platform,” according to Becir Hoti, an executive secretary of the Communist Party of Kosovo, “first to establish what they call an ethnically clean Albanian republic and then the merger with Albania to form a greater Albania.” Mr. Hoti, an Albanian, expressed concern over political pressures that were forcing Serbs to leave Kosovo…The migration of Serbs is no ordinary problem because Kosovo is the heartland of Serbian history, culture and religion.

NYT, Nov. 9, 1982 —

[A] young Albanian had splashed gasoline in the face of a 12-year-old Serbian boy and ignited it with a match…Such incidents have prompted many of Kosovo’s Slavic inhabitants to flee the province, thereby helping to fulfill a nationalist demand for an ethnically “pure” Albanian Kosovo.

NYT, Nov. 28, 1982 —

In violence growing out of the Pristina University riots of March 1981, a score of people have been killed and hundreds injured. There have been almost weekly incidents of rape, arson, pillage and industrial sabotage, most seemingly designed to drive Kosovo’s remaining indigenous Slavs — Serbs and Montenegrins — out of the province.

And yes, The NY Times was careful to not dredge up its own 1980s articles when it came time to support Clinton’s war.

Joe, if you ever decide it’s important to think fairly about the Former Yugoslavia, peruse my blog, even minimally. If not, no worries. It’s a rare American soul who figures out that the whole thing was a giant inversion of facts, villains, victims, and chronology.